The Queenstown Kings summary and ending explained

The Queenstown Kings is a South African sports drama film based on a football prodigy who reconnects with his washed-up pro father after the death of his grandfather. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

During a football match where Fezile is playing, his grandfather and instructor, Malusi Mahamba, passes away. He is considered a legend in South African football.

Known as ‘Mkhulu’, Malusi was a star for Mamelodi Sundowns, a top club in the first tier of South African football.

This deeply affects both Fezile, and his father Buyile Mahamba. The latter has also been a star for Sundowns, and is currently playing professionally, nicknamed ‘Terror’, although questions are being raised for his career.

Buyile quickly rushes in his car to the funeral, alongside his lover, Boity, but drinks on the way. He is caught by cops and put in jail.

His brother, Fana, a police officer, bails him out. Buyile tries reaching out to Fezile but he does not even consider him his father. 

In the past, Buyile was with Fezile’s mother, Xoliswa. However, he left her in Queenstown when she was pregnant. She later married Fana. Buyile could never really connect with his son.

During a court hearing for his drunken driving, Buyile offers voluntary service by becoming assistant coach of Fana for The Queenstown Kings, a local team that Fezile plays for.

The judge accepts it on the condition that if Buyile is found drunk again he will be put straight in jail.

Buyile and Fana begin coaching together, but the latter does not give him any say, determined to stamp his authority. Buyile jokingly calls him ‘Mourinho’, referring to the successful Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho.

Fezile is sent to live with Sasa, his grandmother, as his family attempts to help Buyile build a bond with Fezile.

During a conversation with his son, Buyile learns about his desire to win the Nedbank Cup. The Queenstown Kings always qualify for it as regional champions but never enter due to the enormous participation fee.

Before a local match for qualification, Xoliswa takes Fana’s gun out of his bag a she does not support violence.

Fana’s coaching isn’t yielding results. Buyile suggests tactics and Fana finally listens, improving their performance.

The match has to be abandoned when one player takes out a gun in anger. Fana tries finding his gun but to no avail. The players escape in his truck.

Boity sees the news and realises Buyile’s contract isn’t being renewed by the Sundowns. She is pregnant and decides to go back home but Buyile stays back to help his son, causing a rift between them.

Fana and Buyile make a deal. If the latter can get funding for their team to get into Nedbank Cup, he can have full control of the team. Buyile gets a rugby player to sign for his team as he feels it needs a ‘destroyer’ as a defensive midfielder.

Fana tells Buyile that because of the shooting during the match, the other team was penalised. They just need to win one match to qualify for the Nedbank Cup. Fana sells his car for the money.

Fezile gets a letter with the offer to join the Sundowns. But before he can read it, he gets the news of Fana getting shot during a police raid.

The doctor tells Buyile and the team that Fana is in critical condition. Buyile finds Boity’s pregnancy test and realises he is going to be a father again.

The Queenstown Kings ending explained in detail:

Do The Queenstown Kings qualify for the Nedbank Cup?

In another court hearing, Buyile is revealed to have tested positive for alcohol ingestion. However, he isn’t charged because of a letter written by his brother.

In the letter, he states that coaching with Buyile changed his life. And that if he dies in his line of work, he has no doubt that Buyile will coach the team well.

These words spur Buyile on and he coaches the team to victory. The team qualifies for the Nedbank Cup.

Does Fezile leave the team?

Fezile reads the offer from Sundowns but chooses not to join as his team needs him right now. The Sundowns draw The Queenstown Kings in the Nedbank Cup.

The team travels to Johannesburg for the match. An agent of Sundowns approaches Fezile but still refuses to join.

Major, one of Fezil’s teammates, finds the offer from Sundowns and believes he sold them out. Fezil realises Major has taken drugs. Furious, he decides to leave the team.

Buyile reconnects with Boity. Buyile is told about Fezile joining the Sundowns. But instead of being angry, he supports his son.

Does Fezile rejoin The Queenstown Kings?

During a conversation with Fezile, Buyile tells him that he has his full support as well as his teammates’. He gives him a jersey with signatures from his teammates.

Touched by this, Fezile goes to the Director of Football and quits. To motivate the team after Fezile’s exit, Buyile video calls Fana, who is still in the hospital, but his condition has improved.

On the day of the match, Fezile turns up in the colours of The Queenstown Kings. During the match, he sees his grandfather alongside his father, giving him the same instructions. Fezile and Buyile have finally mended their relationship.

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