The Perfect Find summary and ending explained

The Perfect Find follows Jenna, a woman who has to get her life back on track after losing her job and love but ends up falling in love with someone who could jeopardize it all. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Jenna and Brian were the power couple of the fashion world. They were together for ten years, and Jenna’s life was perfect. However, Jenna wanted a family, but Brian did not. Their breakup was bad, and Jenna was humiliated. 

Jenna not only lost Brian but also her job. She then moved in with her parents and lived there for months until her mother asked her to go back to New York and get her life together.

Now, at 40, Jenna needs to rebuild her whole life. She decides to ask a woman named Darcy for a job, even though the two women do not like each other, as Darcy believes that Jenna stole all her jobs as well as her boyfriends. 

However, Darcy’s fashion magazine, Darzine, needs someone like Jenna, so she decides to hire her and give her a chance to make a meaningful change. 

Jenna also goes out with her friends and meets a younger man. The two of them are instantly attracted to each other and kiss, but Jenna stops it from going any further.

Soon, she finds out that the man she kissed is Eric, Darcy’s son. Eric is a videographer, and Darcy pairs him with Jenna at work. Initially, the two of them do not get along but decide to be friends in order to be able to work together. 

They soon realize that they cannot be just friends when Eric comes to Jenna’s dinner party and defends her when her date is mean to her. Eric and Jenna end up sleeping together that day. Jenna then has an idea for their project, which she names The Perfect Find.

Jenna and Eric are a great team, and their work brings them recognition. They continue sleeping together but decide to keep it a secret. At the same time, Jenna’s ex-boyfriend misses her and keeps trying to contact her. 

Darcy suspects that there is something going on between Jenna and Eric and discourages it. Jenna promises her that there will be no distractions. Despite that, Jenna and Eric continue seeing each other, and Eric admits that he is in love with Jenna.

Jenna does not want to make their relationship public, as Darcy will not approve and Jenna will lose everything again. However, when she sees Eric talking to his ex-girlfriend at a party, she gets upset, which results in an argument.

That night, a drunk Brian comes to see Jenna, and she decides to drop him at his house. While they do not resolve their differences, Eric, who had come to meet Jenna, sees them together and gets the wrong impression. 

When Eric stops coming to the office and Jenna does not hear from him, she goes to Darcy’s house to apologize to him. She clears the misunderstanding regarding Brian and tells him that she is happy doing the work she loves with the man she loves.

Now that both Jenna and Eric have confessed their love for each other, they sleep together at Darcy’s house. However, confessing their love does not solve their problems.

The Perfect Find ending explained in detail:

Why does Darcy fire Jenna?

Darcy catches Eric and Jenna together at her house and is infuriated. She accuses Jenna of lying to her, ignoring her warning, and being with her son after stealing all her boyfriends.

Eric also finds out that his mother spoke to Jenna about their relationship and gets angry because Jenna did not tell him anything. Darcy asks Eric to stay out of this conversation, even though it concerns him, because she considers him a child. 

Jenna tells Darcy that the two of them are in love, but Darcy does not listen and fires Jenna. While Eric tried defending her earlier, he stays quiet after he comes to know that Jenna did not bother telling him about the conversation with her mother.

Jenna once again loses the man she loves as well as her job. She is back to square one. 

What happens to Eric and Jenna? 

Sometime after they part ways, Jenna reaches out to Eric, and they meet at a restaurant. It turns out that Eric also left Darzine after Jenna was fired. He then got a grant to work on a documentary on his father, who was killed when Eric was two years old.

On the other hand, Jenna is now teaching a fashion and film course at Columbia. However, she did not call Eric to tell him that. She wanted to inform him that she is pregnant with his child.  

Eric does not want children. He thinks that Jenna made this decision on her own and is now merely informing him. He does not take the news well and asks Jenna to give him time to process it.

Does Darcy accept Jenna and Eric’s relationship?

When Darcy finds out about Jenna’s pregnancy, she comes to meet her. She tells Jenna that her parents never approved of her boyfriend, Eric’s father. They did not even come to his funeral, and Darcy was left to raise Eric all by herself.

Darcy is not going to do to Jenna what her parents did to her, so she decides to accept her and Eric’s relationship. Eric also decides to be a part of his child’s life, as he never got to know much about his father, but he wants his son to know everything about him.

Eric and Jenna get back together and plan to name their son after Eric’s father. Eric then takes Jenna to his mother’s gala, and they make their relationship public with Darcy’s blessing.

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