The Perfect Find review: Feel-good romcom is a little disappointing

The Perfect Find revolves around Jenna, a woman who had it all and then lost everything. She then sets out to rebuild her life, but her relationship with her colleague makes it difficult. The film is now streaming on Netflix.


Jenna and her boyfriend, Brian, were well-known in the world of fashion; they were a power couple. However, while Jenna wanted a family, Brian did not, and so their ten-year-long relationship ended.

After their public breakup, Jenna also loses her job and moves in with her parents. She lives with them for months before returning to New York to revive her career. 

Jenna manages to convince her long-time rival, Darcy, to give her a job at her fashion magazine. She also meets a man named Eric and is instantly attracted to him, but he is much younger than her.

Eric’s age is not the only problem. Jenna soon finds out that Eric is Darcy’s son, and she still cannot help but be attracted to him. Jenna is given a chance to get her life back on track, but her feelings for Eric might make her lose everything for the second time.


Gabrielle Union gives a good performance as Jenna. She is sweet and charming and makes the best of what the script gives her. Keith Powers as Eric is just as charming. He does manage to look and act like a dazzling hero in a romantic comedy.

However, it is Gina Torres who steals the show as Darcy. She is the kind of boss who is powerful, sassy, and funny. She commands attention whenever she is on the screen.


The Perfect Find sets the mood right, and a lot of it has to do with the music. The project in the film is a nod to Black actors and their looks. It gains greater significance with Jazz becoming an important part of the film.

The two characters’ age difference makes their story somewhat different from other romantic comedies. Additionally, the film gives space to Jenna’s insecurities that come with dating a younger man and keeping the relationship a secret.

The scene where the two lead characters bond by talking about their pasts is gentle, calm, and hits the right chords. Even when they discuss the violence on the streets that got Eric’s father killed, the scene does not lose its qualities. 


The development of Jenna and Eric’s relationship was not handled well. The conflict and its resolution were not fleshed out, and so the ending was hurried. In fact, Jenna and Darcy resolving their differences was certainly a better and more memorable scene.

Although the film is about Jenna and Eric’s love, it fails to make their love story seem special. The couple has their moments, but overall, their story will not satisfy the audience.


The Perfect Find is a feel-good film, but the romance in the film will not satisfy the audience and make them wish for something better.

The Perfect Find
The Perfect Find review: Feel-good romcom is a little disappointing 1

Director: Numa Perrier

Date Created: 2023-06-21 17:06

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