The Last Letter from Your Lover ending explained: Do Jenny and Anthony end up together?

Directed by Augustine Frizzell, Netflix’s The Last Letter from Your Lover is a romantic drama film that revolves around the storyline of two lovers, Jenny and Anthony set in the 1960s.

The Last Letter from Your Lover features Shailene Woodley as Mrs Jennifer Sterling (Jenny) who is married to Mr Lawrence Sterling (Larry), played by Joe Alwyn. 

The couple set out to France, where they meet Anthony O’Hare, a journalist for The London Chronicle, who is set to take an interview with Mr Sterling.

As both Jenny and Anthony get well acquainted through a series of meetings, they eventually fall in love leading to an illicit love affair. They continue to keep in touch with a series of poetically- written letters, as situations escalate back and forth.

While Anthony and Jenny plan to elope to New York, Jenny meets with a car accident on the way to the train station and loses her memory, while Anthony gives up and leaves for New York. 

In the present, another journalist from The London Chronicle, Ellie, who is tasked with writing a report on Mary Ellen, a recently deceased in-house editor, stumbles upon one of the letters addressed to Jenny among the archives.

Ellie, with the help of the archivist, Rory, sets out to excavate more of the letters as well as to find the actual owners of the letters. Ellie, inspired by the letters, aims to find Jenny and Anthony and write a story.

Does Ellie find the owner of the letters? Does Jenny regain her memory and remember her past with Anthony? Do Jenny and Anthony ever get together?

The answers are revealed in the ending, and we have got you covered over its explanation.

The Last Letter from Your Lover ending explained in detail:

A false belief

As Jenny tries to revoke her forgotten memories by visiting places that she has been to before, she goes to the post office, in search of an answer to her letters.

As she enquires for her locker to be opened up, Locker 13, the staff reveal that it was asked to be closed by Larry. Suspecting that something was covered up deliberately she rushes back home.

At home, she searches through Larry’s study and ends up finding one of the letters from Anthony hidden in the drawer.

As she confronts Larry about the letters and the memories behind them, Larry tells her that the letters were found in the car during the accident and further lies to her that Anthony, her lover, was killed during the accident. 

Fate ties the knot

Cutting to the present, Ellie figures out the original owner of the letters, Jenny, and her familial records. She also figures out about Anthony and how he had also worked at The London Chronicle.

As she figures out about Anthony, she also arranges a meet-up with him. She then enquires about the love affair between the two and collects the details, first-hand. 

Anthony shares about how they met up later in London, 1969. He recalls to Ellie how Jenny remembered everything about the past once she laid eyes on him in London during Christmas that year.

They both talk about what happened that day, and Jenny reveals that she was, in reality, on her way to join Anthony on the train to New York but instead she met with an accident and lost all her memories.

She further goes on to reveal that she has a two-year-old daughter now. Anthony asks her to leave with him along with her daughter, but Jenny refuses and leaves.

Cutting back to the present, Anthony asks Ellie to deliver the letters to Jenny.

The last letter

Ellie meets up with Jenny, in hopes of talking to her and giving her the letters back. When Jenny receives the letters, she begins to tell Ellie her side of the story.

She goes on to say that after she left Anthony in London, she confronted Larry on his lie about Anthony’s demise. Larry reveals that he lied to make their marriage work.

Jenny disagrees and argues that their marriage was broken long before Anthony had arrived, and threatened Larry that she would leave with their daughter.

Going by the threat, Jenny left with her daughter to London to meet Anthony. When she reached the hotel, she found out that Anthony had already left.

She tried to find him plenty of times after that, but all in vain, she then continues to live her life separately from both Larry and Anthony.

Cutting back to the present, Ellie, hearing this side of the story, narrates it to Anthony and urges him to meet Jenny one last time. Anthony then proceeds to write one last letter to Jenny asking her to meet him.

As Anthony waits for Jenny along with Ellie and Rory, Jenny shows up. 

The scene then proceeds to them imagining a situation wherein they both would have ended up together years back in the train to New York. Essentially, hinting at finally a happily ever after for the duo.

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