Feels Like Ishq endings explained: All episodes

Feels Like Ishq’ is an anthology series with six different romantic stories now streaming on Netflix. Each story has been helmed by a different director.

All the love stories in Feels Like Ishq are set in drastically different scenarios, from a generic neighbourhood to protests. Each narrative plays out distinctly. If you had trouble figuring out the climax of any episode, we have you covered.

Feels Like Ishq endings explained in detail:

Save the Da(y)te ending explained: (episode 1)

After Sunaina (Devika Vatsa) escapes her own wedding, her best friend Avani (Radhika Madan) goes into a frantic search for her. She runs into Jay (Amol Parashar), the wedding planner.

Jay drives her around in search of the runaway bride, as the two debate about love. Avani locates Sunaina at Mandrem beach in Goa. The groom, Pranav (Abeer Meherish), shows up and comforts Sunaina, telling her they won’t rush into marriage if she doesn’t want to.

At the climax, Sunaina and Pranav show up at the wedding to bail out someone else posing as Pranav, acting as if they planned this surprise entry as the couple all along. They go through with the wedding.

Clearly smitten by each other, Avani exits his car, seemingly bidding goodbye. However, Jay forgets to get the priest, prompting her to get back in the car and help him out, since he had helped her first.

The two drive towards this second emergency, delighted with each other’s company, as the credits roll.

Quarantine Crush ending explained: (episode 2)

Set in the times of the pandemic, Maninder (Mihir Chugh) has been lying to the girl next door, Nimmi (Kajol Chugh), that his mother has been sending her food through him so that he can talk to her on a daily basis.

His lies keep mounting as she finds more and more excuses to meet her, posing as his own mother every time he gets his hands on her phone. He also looks at her through his window. Nimmi starts to reciprocate his interest, believing him to be a decent boy.

But when he reads an article about a stalker, he begins to panic and decides to come clean, revealing all his lies to Nimmi.

She is visibly disappointed in him, telling him he should have been honest with her from the start. But during their talk, she starts coughing. Maninder fears she has symptoms of coronavirus and attempts to take her to the hospital on his scooty.

On the way, Nimmi calls Maninder’s mother and asks if she put soya in the food, hinting at an allergy. They return to her her house after the false alarm and she tells him she’ll contact him, having forgiven him after his effort to help her and not thinking of himself at all.

Star Host ending explained: (episode 3)

When his parents go out for a vacation, Aditya (Rohit Saraf) rents out his villa in Mahabaleshwar to a couple. He needs the extra money to fund his trip to the Northern Lights in Norway.

However, Tara (Simran Jehani) shows up alone after his ex-boyfriend Akshay cheated on her with his ex and they broke up. He also treats her like a little child.

Akshay convinces Aditya to let her stay by offering more money and he accepts. During her stay, Tara realises that she needs to look forward to the unexpected and grows as a person.

She also teaches Aditya that his obsession with the Northern Lights isn’t fair. He needs to open his eyes and see what’s already there.

But when Tara learns that Aditya agreed to host her for the money, she calls him out. Aditya retorts that she’s nobody to talk, since came on this trip only to make his toxic ex-boyfriend jealous.

In the middle of a heated confrontation, Aditya says that he’s proud that she came to this trip alone and he’s happy that Akshay didn’t show up and he could spend this time with her. He also confesses that he will feel shit the next day because they can’t be together since they live so far apart.

As he rambles on, Tara kisses him. They then find trees full of fireflies, as they share an unforgettable moment together.

The next day, Tara gets ready to leave. Aditya doesn’t charge her, saying that Northern Lights can wait. He also reveals that ‘Chateau Tranquille’, the name listed for the villa on BnB was fake. The villa is actually called ‘Anupama Kutir’.

She leaves, now a changed person, giving the villa and experience a great review. Aditya reads the review atop the hill, with the same view Tara taught him to cherish.

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not ending explained: (episode 4)

Muskaan (Sanjeeta Bhattacharya) is a closeted advertising associate. When Tarasha (Saba Azad) joins her firm, she immediately falls for her.

To her delight, Tarasha is also queer. As the two work together, they start to know each other better and get closer, but Muskaan doesn’t know how to confess her feelings.

At a party, Tarasha faces a panic attack due to her anxiety. Muskaan calms her down by telling her to focus on five things and four things she can hear.

Tarasha opens up about her toxic relationship in the past which took a toll on her. Her ex-girlfriend Namrata tried to control her and made fun of her in the public. Realising that Tarasha needs a friend right now, Muskaan tries to maintain distance.

At the end, Tarasha takes her on a drive, planning to have ‘the talk’ on the beach, but settling for the car since there’s heavy traffic. It turns out that Tarasha has feelings for Muskaan, leaving her overjoyed.

They reach the beach and share a kiss, getting their ‘Bollywood moment’.

Interview ending explained: (episode 5)

Shahana (Zayn Marie Khan) attends an interview for a sales associate job. While waiting, she meets Rajeev (Neeraj Madhav), an aspirant from Kerala who’s finding it difficult to crack jobs in Mumbai.

Since there is still considerable waiting time left, Shahana starts to teach him more about how to crack the interview, as he is visibly underconfident.

They pose as a couple in the same store and she shows him how seasoned sales associates handle pressure.

However, when they’re looking at a TV, she is reminded of an incident with her ex-boyfriend Ahmed, after which he’s been missing.

Armed with the newfound skills, Rajeev aces the interview and gets the job, aided by Shahana not showing up for her interview. Although, she acts as if she did.

She sees a glimpse of Ahmed in Rajeev as he walks out. Ahmed had told her not everybody can be as confident as her, but here she had managed to instil confidence in someone.

The episode ends with the two getting closer and Rajeev sharing his number with her. She also opens up about Ahmed being missing for 10 months, and clearly, she is ready to move forward.

They continue talking on texts as the credits roll.

Ishq Mastana ending explained: (episode 6)

A brat at the surface, Kabir (Skand Thakur) has recently broken up with Ridhima. He decides to go on a date with Mehr (Tanya Maniktala) as a rebound, as Ridhima hates her.

But he unexpectedly finds himself at a protest. When he cusses a police officer by mistake, he, Mehr and her friends are all made to sit in the back of a police jeep, seemingly arrested.

Kabir, annoyed at the whole situation, screams at Mehr that she was supposed to be just rebound. But they’re all dropped by the police in the middle of an unknown location.

As they walk, Kabir and Mehr get to know each other better. Kabir isn’t just a spoilt brat, he is depressed and this is the first time in weeks he has left his home. His life is only gaming and biryani, and hence, he doesn’t understand their ‘bigger problems’.

Mehr also confesses that she doesn’t really believe they will change the world, but she joins protests so that the world does not change her.

Kabir also shows a penchant for singing, and recites Kabir’s ‘Ishq Mastana’ with Mehr’s friends, taught to him by his grandmother. He’s not so different after all.

They find a ride back and Kabir’s friend asks him to join them, and that Ridhima was asking if he would. But he says he won’t, choosing to accompany Mehr and her friends at the next protest. It is also revealed that Mehr had originally called him only to increase the numbers at the protest.

With Kabir and Mehr warming up to each other’s ideologies, the climax sees the two join the protest, hand in hand, indicating they’re now a couple.

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