The Entitled ending explained: Do Belinda and Jacob end up together?

‘The Entitled’ is a new Filipino romantic comedy-drama film that follows Belinda who struggles to adjust to a new, luxurious lifestyle after finding that her estranged father is a wealthy businessman with the help of an attractive attorney. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot Summary

Belinda is a poor young woman from Nalapok. She learns about her wealthy hotelier father, Enrico, after all these years, who chooses to finally get in touch with her. She makes an effort to blend in with their affluent family but feels agitated and uncomfortable.

Her father hired Jacob, a lawyer, to get her back to him. He has a flourishing marriage to Matilda, a younger woman. They have a daughter of their own, Caitlyn, who is pampered and brattish and likes to pull nasty pranks on Belinda.

From proper dining etiquette to what to say, Belinda just can’t seem to check the boxes of class and elegance. The new Belinda tries to understand the customs of her father’s family and how people behave in affluent society after getting a makeover that includes removing her blemishes, styling her hair and dressing in clothes that make her look attractive.

Belinda’s father asks her to undergo vice president training at his company. Shenanigans continue, but she becomes irrational as Jacob oversees her instruction. He can see she has a good heart. Jacob essentially develops feelings for her.

Belinda, however, has several challenges in changing her way of life. Although she receives assistance from Nanny Mo, the housekeeper who later becomes her assistant and Jacob. Things quickly turn harsh for Belinda as a result of her nasty stepmother.

The Entitled ending explained in detail:

Does Belinda do well?

Belinda ultimately succeeds in changing herself to blend into the new, affluent culture she is a part of. She completes her training in an impressively short amount of time without really accomplishing anything.

Enrico asks Belinda to address the board meeting. She is worried and discusses this with Nanny Mo seating beside the pool who encourages her.

Enrico introduces her as Vice President of Operations. She then addresses the shareholders at the following meeting. Belinda messes up by tripping on the stage and swearing. During the meeting, Matilda tells Jacob that it is time to execute the plan.

Caitlyn gives her a drink, which just makes things worse. It has been drug-spiked. She makes Belinda drink so much that she goes crazy on the stage. Caitlyn live streams her crazy dance and soon it becomes viral.

Belinda tries to leave after causing such embarrassment but a guard catches her refusing to believe that she is Enrico’s daughter and not a thief. Enrico comes there in a very irritating mood and tells everyone to go back. He also ensures her that he believes in her and that she can improve.

Will Enrico find the true culprit?

Attorney Jacob, who has been assisting her, is, however, also a part of the stepmother Matilda’s scheme to evict Belinda from the family. Despite Matilda’s offer to promote him to COO of the company, he must carry out the plan since he is in love with Belinda.

However, he agrees when Matilda threatens to tell Enrico, Belinda’s father, that Jacob was the one who had the idea all along. He avoids Belinda for a while and then makes her sign certain papers with the trust he has in her.

Enrico shows concerns to Belinda about the company’s loss of 30 million pesos as a result of the documents she signs. Belinda claims to her father that she was unaware of the money’s loss and that she did not take it, but her father does not accept her explanation.

She returns to the village she was born in after giving up the watch Enrico gave to her.

After Belinda leaves, Jacob overcomes with remorse and tells Enrico how he carried out Matilda’s scheme. Enrico had by this point conducted some independent research and established the truth for himself.

What happens to Belinda and Jacob?

He apologises to Belinda on his visit to her village. Additionally, he says that Enrico and Matilda are seeking a divorce and that a warrant for Matilda’s arrest has been issued. He also states that he initially believed Matilda was alright with him but she quickly began stealing from the business. Caitlyn, their daughter, will remain with Enrico.

Enrico invites Belinda to come back. Belinda, though, explains why she shouldn’t be entitled to all of his wealth and prestige simply because she is his daughter. She says she plans to continue her education and seek to work at Enrico’s hotel after receiving her degree.

Enrico is happy to hear his daughter’s opinions as the two of them hug.

To confess his love for Belinda, Jacob goes to see her again. She first refuses him, and he leaves. She interprets his resignation from the firm, meanwhile, as a romantic hint that he does love her. They ultimately reconcile with a kiss on the beach under a stunning sunset.

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