Another Self ending explained: Do Sevgi, Leyla, and Ada overcome their fears?

‘Another Self’ is a Turkish drama series that follows the journey of three women who set out on a path of self-acceptance as they let go of old tragedies in the hopes of changing their lives. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Sevgi’s cancer returns with fury after ineffective treatment. That is why Sevgi, a lawyer and Leyla, an influencer, decide to go on an unplanned road trip to Ayvalik.

The plan is to visit a local guru named Zaman’s spiritual complex in search of a novel sort of unconventional treatment which Sevgi learns about when she talks to a parent of another cancer patient.

In Ayvalik, Ada is exploring the market when she runs across Toprak, with whom she had a romantic history. Ada had been having hand tremors, which had a significant impact on her surgical treatments. Leyla’s husband declares bankruptcy and leaves.

Sevgi asks both of them to join him as he goes to see Cunda. There, she persuades Ada to attend a session with Zaman by promising to go to Istanbul for a checkup. At Zaman’s session, Ada meets Toprak again. The results of Sevgi’s checkup are clear.

Leyla is broke after her husband is not reachable. After learning that her husband had an extramarital affair, Ada’s life falls apart, and she is fired from her job for the mistakes in her recent surgeries.

With the assistance of Zaman, traumas, illnesses, and everything else that is at the root of the past manifest in front of these females. At the retreat, Sevgi meets and falls in love with Fiko, the owner of a small café.

The destiny of the girls’ lives is in jeopardy when Erdem’s boat sinks and Leyla abandons them.

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What happens to Leyla and Erdem?

Sevgi and Fiko rush to the station after receiving a call from the police. Leyla is well, after all. It comes out that she had intended to depart with Erdem, but she and Sarp were unable to board.

She trusts her instincts and makes the decision not to board the boat. She flees when the coast guard arrives. Erdem is not capable of experiencing the same good fortune.

Erdem is apprehended by the police after surviving, and they take him away. Leyla, however, receives a call from him encouraging her to do her best to raise their son.

Leyla is a disaster as a consequence, and the girls try their best to make her feel better. Leyla can dodge any potential legal repercussions because of Sevgi’s legal knowledge.

Leyla is reassured by Ada and Sevgi that she is not alone, but their chat is interrupted when they see that Ada’s ring is missing. The rumours about her divorce and that the woman Selim had cheated on Ada with, was pregnant, circulate at that point. And Toprak is included.

Ada’s troubles with Toprak serve as a vehicle for confronting her worries and the past, which Leyla and Sevgi push her to do. As usual, their relationship is marked by a lot of nostalgic thoughts and desires that the circumstances could be different.

Does Ada resolve her feelings connected to Toprak?

Zaman responds to Ada’s request for advice by discussing his family history and, in particular, how it relates to the olive tree outside. Ada is exhorted by him to shed her metaphorical baggage and embrace the future. She naturally follows through with this and encounters Toprak.

Together, Toprak and Ada take a stroll and plant a tree as a memorial for their shared history. Ada chooses to travel back to Istanbul and finish off her past by organising the divorce paperwork while she’s on the beach. After that, she’ll see where her life leads her.

He is certain that she is qualified to practise medicine and that this new beginning is just what she needs. Ada takes some time to consider Toprak’s invitation to travel with him to the Netherlands.

What is Muko hiding from Sevgi?

Sevgi is having problems with her mother; they eventually get into a fight over Zaman’s effect on Sevgi. This is an eye-opening experience for Sevgi and in many respects, she is freed from the monsters looming over her. 

Leyla resolves to rescue Fiko’s restaurant as he closes it and Sevgi conjures up some legal stipulations to let her off the hook for Erdem’s drama. In addition, she ends up with a sizeable quantity of money, which she decides to invest in a restaurant.

Eleni’s Tavern is the name they settle on for their new restaurant after she strikes a deal with him.

Fiko treats Sevgi to a romantic meal on the beach as a way of celebrating. He asks her to marry him after admitting that he is deeply in love with her. Naturally, she replies with a yes.

Muko reports Zaman and has a clear distrust of Fiko to the point where, when he asks Sevgi to marry him, Muko ruins the party by criticizing. But with Leyla’s guidance and Sevgi’s tender touch, she begins to adapt to the thought. Eventually, it looks as though Sevgi can persuade her mother to see her side.

Ada returns to Istanbul to finalise the divorce with Selim as everyone else gets ready for the wedding.

What happens at the wedding?

The night before Sevgi’s wedding, she discovers a message from Muko detailing the parentage that leaves her physically crippled and her relationship with Muko may be irrevocably damaged. She discusses their family history in the note including how Sevgi and Muko contribute to the relationship with Aram.

Selim sends his best wishes to Ada, cautions Toprak not to upset her again, and Zaman makes his retirement announcement during the wedding.

Sevgi physically collapses, and it is discovered that her cancer has violently come back. She had stopped taking her medicine because she thought Zaman’s therapies had entirely cured her.

Ada sort of questions Zaman about this, but she is aware of the fact that he never advised Sevgi to quit taking her medications.

Ada is eager to learn what Zaman knows so that she might carry on his work since she is certain that his techniques do work, even though she is unable to explain how. Toprak nods in agreement, and they kiss. Arriving with Flor is Ava, who is seen kissing Toprak in front of Ada.

In the midst of all of this, Leyla discovers that she is pregnant, and Sevgi wakes up feeling sad and angry at her mother for hiding such a secret from her.

In the end, the three ladies are seen joining hands during another one of Zaman’s sessions, ready to further examine themselves and their situations.

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