The drama around Rhaenyra’s kids in House of the Dragon explained

Rhaenyra’s goals towards claiming the Iron Throne are clear, but questions around the parentage of her kids continue to affect her momentum. Thus, constantly requiring her to protect her reputation.

Over the years, Rhaenyra and Ser Laenor never had kids of their own. They both pursued their individual interests, as Ser Laenor fell in love with Qarl, while Rhaenyra found herself with Ser Harwin Strong.

The kids Rhaenyra had hardly looked anything like their father and resembled Ser Harwin. Everyone in King’s Landing took note of that, except for King Viserys, who always stayed oblivious to this.

Ser Harwin even expressed his love for Jace, Luke, and Joffrey more than their father ever did.

The death of Ser Harwin Strong

Things escalated when Ser Harwin went on to beat Ser Criston Cole for mocking him as Jace’s father during a training session.

Lyonel Strong was worried about his son’s life once his relationship with Rhaenyra and her kids is confirmed. He knew the consequences and wanted to resign from the position of King’s Hand.

Alicent always despised Rhaenyra’s kids, and when Viserys rejected Lyonel Strong’s resignation, she was distraught.

The drama around Rhaenyra's kids in House of the Dragon explained 1
Ser Harwin says his goodbyes to Rhaenyra

Alicent’s ally, Ser Larys Strong, decided to do the queen a favor and got his own father and brother, as in Ser Lyonel Strong and Ser Harwin Strong, killed.

Lyonel Strong’s death aided Alicent in bringing her father back as the King’s Hand.

At the same time, things started getting difficult for Rhaenyra, who tried proposing her elder son’s marriage to Alicent’s daughter.

Alicent saw through Rhaenyra’s move to save her name, which led Rhaenyra to believe that Alicent would never accept the proposal. Therefore, Rhaenyra opted to leave King’s Landing and moved to Dragonstone.

The parentage of Rhaenyra’s kids is discussed

After the funeral of Laena Velaryon, Aemond got his hands on Vhagar and had an altercation with Rhaenyra’s sons and Laena’s daughters. The outcome of that altercation saw Aemond losing his left eye.

The drama around Rhaenyra's kids in House of the Dragon explained 2
The parentage of Rhaenyra’s kids is questioned

Rhaenyra accused Aemond of hurling insults at the parentage of her sons. Aemond confessed to knowing about it from Aegon, who in turn told King Viserys that everyone knows about it.

King Viserys continued to stay away from this and made it clear that whoever questions his grandson’s lineage will have their tongue cut.

Rhaenyra asks Daemon for marriage

Rhaenyra knew that the people would never accept a king who doesn’t carry the Targaryen blood. In order to claim the throne, she needed Daemon, with whom she had rekindled her romance after reuniting.

The drama around Rhaenyra's kids in House of the Dragon explained 3
Rhaenyra gets married to Daemon

The couple orchestrated a plan that saw Laenor faking his death to escape with his lover, Qarl, to a place across the narrow sea.

With that, Rhaenyra and Daemon got married, ensuring that they and their kids will inherit the Iron Throne once King Viserys dies, leaving Alicent no option but to back out.

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