The Dragon Prince season 4 ending explained: Who is Aaravos?

Dragon Prince season 4 ‘Mystery of Aaravos’ delves into the origin story of the titular being who’s trapped in an eternal prison from whence he pulls the strings all over the world.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Two years have passed since the events of last season and The Dragon Prince ‘Mystery of Aaravos’ opens with Claudia updating Viren about the time that elapsed since he died.

She also tells him that she followed Aaravos’ advice and managed to resurrect him, but only for 30 days. To make his second life permanent, there’s a chrysalis that needs to be opened with Viren’s staff that’s kept at the Storm Spire’s peak.

Meanwhile, Ezran welcomes Queen Zubeia and Zym in Katolis while Callum tries to make sense of the mirror that belonged to Viren.

At the camps of Lux Aurea, Janai surprises Amaya by proposing to her. However, her brother keeps reminding her to act like a queen and avoid the symbolic union of elves and humans when their people are not comfortable gelling with the humans.

Ibis dies keeping the staff from getting into Claudia’s hands but the latter manages to flee with it eventually, with her boyfriend Terrestrious’ help.

Claudia casts the spell that opens the chrysalis and out comes a being with wings and a weird stature, only communicating with signs.

He leads them to where they must go next in order to free Aaravos from his captivity, following which Claudia claims he’d make the spell permanent.

Meanwhile, Rayla returns after two years of disappearing and Callum takes this abrupt return with great awkwardness. He’s very upset at her for disappearing on him for two years, and she’s regretful to have done so too.

Ibis sends the news of the staff being stolen to the Zubeia and she returns to Storm Spire with haste. Callum, Rayla, Ezran, Soren, and Bait also tag along.

At the Storm Spire, they pay their respects to Ibis and then Callum tests the mirror, which in complete darkness connects to the prison where Aaravos is trapped. The mirror connects and they can see the antagonist.

Aaravos, the Fallen Star or the Startouch Elf is mighty powerful and after his scoffs at the meagre powers of the group, he possesses the control of Callum with ease.

Before their confrontation with the Fallen Star, Zubeia had told them about the origins of Aarovos and how to keep him trapped in eternal prison forever. For this, they need to find the location of the prison.

So they embark on another adventure to Umber Tor, where the Archdragon Rex Igneous lives and who can help them find the prison.

With great difficulty, they all arrive and meet Rex Igneous but Claudia beats them all to get her hands on the map to prison herself. Along with her boyfriend Terry and father Viren, Claudia departs the mountain while the group manages to escape Umber Tor as well.

The Dragon Prince season 4 ends with the group successfully escaping Umber Tor and Rex Igneous, but also losing the map to the prison. Meanwhile, Viren gets his staff back and falls under what seems like Aaravos’ influence.

At Lux Aurea, Janai’s brother Karim forces her to duel him to become what he considers the rightful mighty ruler of their people. Janai defeats him and tells him that she’ll lead their people to the ways of love instead of the old ways of violence.

The Dragon Prince season 4 ending explained in detail:

Who is Aaravos?

The Dragon Prince season 4 reveals the sinister past of Aaravos as Queen Zubeia tells the group about the origins of the Startouch Elf.

Hundreds of years ago, before Avizandum was the king of the dragons, Queen Luna ruled them all. However, when one night she died due to mysterious reasons, and the rest of the Archdragons fell into disarray, fighting for the throne.

At that time of chaos and infighting, the Sunfire Queen arrived and brought some stability, and the dragons paid heed to the words of this wise queen. However, then she disappeared for mysterious reasons too, resulting in the Xadia kingdom falling into chaos.

At last, a human girl was the one who cracked the thousand-year-long secret. It was a Startouch Elf, one of the most mystical and strong beings called Aaravos, who was behind all the major events and turn of events in the world.

It was not the great figures throughout the history but Aaravos who whispered into their ears, manipulating them into doing his bidding and altering the course of history.

The Archdragons then came together and made a prison to cage Aaravos inside it for eternity, where he remains to this day, plotting to break free and take over the world once again.

What happens to Viren?

The Dragon Prince season 4 starts with Claudia informing her father that he’s been dead for two years and she’s the one who brought him back to life, albeit for a temporary period of just 30 days.

Claudia then takes her father along the mission to break Aaravos out of his captivity, so that he can revive Viren completely.

Viren is scared and reluctant to seek more, seeing how he lost his life and close ones in the process of seeking more and more — be it power or influence or magic.

In the last episode of season 4, Viren escapes Umber Tor with Claudia and her boyfriend Terry. However, amid all the chaos and people running from said chaos, he notices they’ve left his staff back near the dragon.

A longing for power still resides within him and he goes back to retrieve the staff. After they get out of the mountain, Claudia and Terry celebrate before seeing the harrowing look of Viren being possessed by dark powers the same way he used to be before.

Do Janai and Amaya get together?

Janai proposes to Amaya at the beginning of The Dragon Prince season 4 and they are two love birds readg to fly away together.

However, the duty calls and Janai now have a great responsibility to bear, for her people who have suffered great loss and are forced to live in camps.

With humans and elves co-existing closely, though, there are bound to be some conflicts and strife. This is what Karim warns Janai of, telling her to hold off her marriage to Amaya so that this symbolic union doesn’t influence their people’s perception of their power dynamic.

Janai isn’t worried about it, however, as she feels it’s imperative that they leave their old ways behind and adopt a more harmonious way of living and co-existing.

Karim dissents strongly, vehemently denying to accept that Janai’s way and philosophy are strong enough to lead their people.

In the end, he decides to propose a duel to her, thinking she won’t be up for a fight and he’ll get the Six Horns to crown him as the king.

However, unbeknownst to him, Janai has taken responsibility and the gravity of the situation with sincerity.

The Dragon Prince season 4 ends with Janai besting him in the duel and takes the helm of the rule, uniting with Amaya and denouncing the old ways.

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