The curse in Sister Death explained

In Sister Death, the old convent turned school that Sister Narcisa joins is haunted by two spirits. Whoever messes with them gets cursed.

It doesn’t take long for Sister Narcisa to realize how strange the school is. There is a mysterious box in her room, the chair in her room keeps falling, someone occasionally bangs on her door, and there is an incomplete drawing of someone hanging themselves to death near her room. Also, someone keeps working on that drawing slowly, step by step.

The children in her classroom whisper among each other when Sister Narcisa writes her name on the blackboard. The children do want to tell Sister Narcisa something, but they do their best to keep their mouths shut.

Sister Narcisa eventually begins putting things together. The mysterious box has a picture of a nun whose name is Sister Socorro. Narcisa figures out that this picture used to be in an album that the school has. Furthermore, every time she touches this picture or calls Socorro’s name, the chair in her room falls.

One night, someone cuts a girl’s hair. Two other girls, Rosa and Ana Mari, are found with scissors that used to be in the mysterious box. Rosa claims that there was another girl present, but Sister Julia doesn’t pay heed to her and slaps her for fooling around.

Narcisa learns about the curse

Narcisa, who has been experiencing strange events herself, meets Rosa in private and learns about the spirit of a little girl that haunts the school.

They should not play with her or touch her drawings, or else their name will appear on the blackboard. It suggests that they are cursed to die. Narcisa’s wish to see this spirit sees her requesting Rosa to complete the drawing with her.

The curse in Sister Death explained 1
Rosa’s name appears on the board

Rosa meets her fate as she is killed by the spirit. Narcisa later learns that the spirits of Sister Socorro and her daughter haunt the school. Sister Socorro’s spirit is seeking revenge on those who murdered her child.

Narcisa, with her powers, helps Sister Socorro avenge her daughter. Following the deaths of those responsible for killing her child, Sister Socorro reunites with her daughter again.

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