Sister Death summary and ending explained

In Sister Death, Sister Narcisa arrives at a school for girls that is supposedly haunted by an entity. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

In 1939, in Spain, many people are taken by a little girl who has supernatural abilities. She lives in a village in the mountains. The girl gains popularity as the Holy Girl of Peroblasco.

Ten years later, the same girl, Sister Narcisa, joins a convent that has been turned into a school for girls since the war. Primarily, the students here come from low-income backgrounds.

Mother Superior, Sister Sagrario, and Sister Julia run the convent. Mother Superior is pleased to have Sister Narcisa working for them. However, Sister Julia doesn’t share the same enthusiasm.

Sister Narcisa is replacing Sister Inés, who has left to take care of her parents. Sister Narcisa settles in her room, where she comes across a mysterious box. It has a pair of scissors, letters, and a picture of Sister Socorro’s body, among other things.

The chair in front of Sister Narcisa moves and falls when she is looking at Sister Socorro’s picture. Following that, someone starts banging on Sister Narcisa’s door.

Outside, she sees an incomplete drawing of someone hanging themselves. Strange happenings such as these continue as Sister Narcisa begins teaching.

The students gossip about her writing her name on the board to introduce herself; the chair keeps falling in her room; and someone slowly completes the drawing outside her room. Sister Narcisa also suffers from horrifying nightmares.

Amidst all of this, Sister Narcisa is nervous herself. In her confession, she claims that she doubts if she is ready to take her vows. As a child, she possibly saw the Virgin Mary, but she is not sure if she was her.

People came from all over to see her, and she didn’t know how to respond to them. Hence, she came here, away from everything, to live a more quiet, tranquil life. A father assures her that she has come here for a reason, and she must work out what it is.

A look at the old pictures at the school sees Sister Narcisa finding an empty space in the album. Sister Narcisa believes Sister Socorro’s picture belongs in the empty space.

One night, two girls from the school, Rosa and Ana Mari, head to the washroom, where Rosa comes across a pair of scissors and a tuft of hair in the bathtub. The tap of the bathtub had started by itself.

Sister Narcisa hears a scream. It leads her to the girls’ room. A girl’s hair has been cut. Sister Julia catches Rosa and Ana Mari. She holds Rosa responsible, as Rosa was in possession of the scissors.

Rosa claims that it was a girl they saw who did this. While Sister Julia doesn’t buy her lies, Sister Narcisa recognizes the scissors to be the ones from the box in her room. These scissors are now missing from the box.

Only Sister Narcisa believes in Rosa. They talk in private. Rosa tells Sister Narcisa about the little girl that haunts this place. They should not play with her or touch her paintings. If their name appears on the blackboard, they are cursed.

Rosa’s name appears next on the blackboard, but Sister Narcisa promises to protect her. Sister Narcisa wants to see this little girl, so she seeks Rosa’s help. She insists that they finish this girl’s drawing. Rosa shows trust in Sister Narcisa, and together they finish the drawing.

The entity Rosa is talking about appears, but Rosa says it’s not a little girl anymore before disappearing. Sister Narcisa looks for Rosa everywhere and hears her voice inside a confessional.

The entity traps Sister Narcisa and calls her out for taking advantage of a little girl because she wanted to see this entity. It reveals that a person doesn’t always need eyes to see. The entity attacks Sister Narcisa, who escapes but then sees Rosa hanging dead.

Sister Death ending explained in detail:

Does Sister Narcisa find out the truth?

Overcome by Rosa’s death, Sister Narcisa leaves the school. It’s the day of the eclipse. She gets on her knees and looks straight at the sky. Sister Narcisa’s eyes hurt, and she starts losing sight.

Sister Julia comes to her rescue. The moment Sister Julia touches Sister Narcisa, the latter sees what transpired during the war. The soldiers had ravaged the convent and hurt many nuns there.

One of the soldiers even sexually abused a nun. When Sister Narcisa talks about it, Sister Julia shuts her up and tells her to stop her demon tricks.

Who is haunting the school?

Sister Narcisa touches Sister Socorro’s picture and looks further into the past. It was Sister Socorro who was raped by the soldier. She had gotten pregnant and had delivered a baby. The sisters were determined to keep this a secret.

Sister Socorro appears. Upon touching Sister Socorro, Sister Narcisa learns what happened to her and her daughter.

When Sister Socorro’s daughter got sick, the nuns refrained from taking her to a hospital. They tried to treat her by themselves. Socorro’s daughter dies in her attempt to break free from the clutches of the nuns.

Sister Socorro fought hard for her child, but upon learning that she is now dead, she killed herself by hanging herself in her cell, which is Sister Narcisa’s room. Hence, the chair keeps falling again and again.

Does Sister Socorro get her revenge?

The pain of Sister Socorro and her daughter echoes in the school. Sister Narcisa uses her powers and frees Sister Socorro so that she can avenge the death of her child.

Sister Socorro kills Sister Julia and Mother Superior, who were primarily responsible for her child’s death. Sister Socorro then reunites with her daughter.

It is hinted that years ago, as a child, Sister Narcisa saw this reunion in her visions. She had a purpose for coming here, and it has been fulfilled.

What happens to Sister Narcisa?

Sister Narcisa grows old and finds herself teaching at Veronica’s school. It’s March 20, 1991, around two months before the events of Veronica. Veronica’s friend comes up with the name Sister Death for Sister Narcisa after looking at her.

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