That Girl Lay Lay season 2 ending explained: Does Lay Lay get shut down?

In That Girl Lay Lay season 2, Lay Lay experiences new emotions and attains new powers. Apart from that, she also meets her creator. The second season is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Sadie is still worried about Marky, who recently found out about Lay Lay’s secret. She hopes that he is not still freaking out, but unfortunately, he still is. With that, Sadie and Lay Lay are also concerned that Marky will tell Sadie’s parents that she is lying about Lay Lay.

When Marky learns that his parents don’t know about Lay Lay’s secret, he turns his fear into an advantage. Marky agrees to keep Lay Lay’s secret in exchange for having Lay Lay and Sadie work for him.

Sadie and Marky’s parents, Bryce and Trish, are going to win an award for Advertising Songwriters of the Year, and the award is going to be presented to them by Hip-hop sensation Iggy Azalea.

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Sadie and Lay Lay don’t want to miss this opportunity to put forth a memorable performance of their own in front of Iggy Azalea, but Marky has other plans.

Marky wants to promote his business idea at the show and intends to have Lay Lay use her powers to do all his work. While working for Marky, Lay Lay unlocks the power of super speed and also starts receiving hiccups.

Though Lay Lay manages to finish the work assigned by Marky in no time, she goes through a glitch where her conversational abilities become limited to only speaking her name.

Marky brings a phone repair guy, watches him repair a phone, and directs Sadie to do the same with Lay Lay. The duo resets Lay Lay, and now she just becomes a regular AI with limited interaction skills.

Bryce and Trish go through problems of their own as Trish is forced to apologize to Azalea for an argument they had the last time they worked together. Though Azalea doesn’t make it to the show to present them the award, the couple opts to celebrate on their own.

Lay Lay and Sadie’s time to perform comes. Marky and Sadie believe they have to get rid of Lay Lay’s hiccups to bring her back. They take turns to scare her, and Marky shaving his eyebrows off is the only thing that works.

Lay Lay goes back to being normal, and Marky apologizes to her. He promises to keep her secret from now on. The duo forgets about Iggy Azalea and gives a performance to remember.

Life goes back to the way it was with Marky now on Lay Lay and Sadie’s side. They welcome a new friend at school in the form of Cobo, who is good at everything.

Lay Lay gets jealous of Cobo’s popularity. She competes with him until she realizes that he is a good person who is just trying to be nice to everyone. Cobo helps Lay Lay and Sadie find the perfect pet for them: a pig they name Bacon.

When Lay Lay meets Ray Ray, a friend of Sadie’s cousin, Gabe, at the family reunion of the Alexanders, Lay Lay suspects that Ray Ray is an avatar like her.

She starts dreaming that she might have a family of her own like the Alexanders. Unfortunately, Ray Ray ends up being a normal person. Lay Lay still becomes part of the bigger Alexander family when she finds Sadie’s grandmother’s Great Gram Gram earring, which Sadie loses while cooking.

Sadie and Lay Lay go through internal problems of their own as they struggle to accept the things that they don’t have in common. With a little guidance from their friends and peers and a little bit of heart, they manage to stick together.

Similarly, at school, they face the wrath of Principal Willingham, who works according to her mood and doesn’t mind sabotaging the plans of her students.

Sadie and Lay Lay face the biggest threat ever when Ilana, the creator of Sadie’s affirmation app and Lay Lay, comes knocking on their door.

Ilana’s affirmation app is a big failure because no one uses it anymore. Sadie was the most active and frequent user of the app until her avatar from the same app, Lay Lay, came to life.

Ilana’s father has sent her to Cleveland to save her app. She wants to discuss with Sadie how the app worked for her and all the changes she needs to make to it. The changes done to the app will, in turn, change Lay Lay too.

Ilana’s father isn’t exactly supportive, but she sees his negativity as an inspiration. This gives her the idea that negativity is more motivational than positivity.

Using the same thought as her motto, she turns her positive affirmation app into a negative affirmation app. This new update also affects the always positive Lay Lay, who becomes rude and a punk.

That Girl Lay Lay season 2 ending explained in detail:

Does the old Lay Lay come back?

The new negative Lay Lay disrespects everyone and ruins project presentations at Sadie’s science fair. After observing what a negative person looks like, Ilana realizes that a negative affirmation app is not good for people at all.

Ilana doesn’t want people to be negative like Lay Lay. Therefore, she turns the negative affirmation feature off, which brings the old Lay Lay back.

Ilana now intends to shut the app altogether after failing another time. Afraid that Lay Lay will disappear the moment Ilana shuts down that app, Sadie and Lay Lay keep Ilana busy at the science fair, hoping that she will change her mind.

Does Ilana shut the app down?

Sadie presents her project, Shake-It-to-Me-5000, a robot capable of shaking the perfect milkshake, at the science fair. Sadie’s project went through several failures throughout the day.

Sadie attempted to convince Ilana that she should not give up, no matter how many times she fails with her app. Sadie failed to start her own robot on the first go. She stayed positive and kept going.

Sadie then proceeds to turn on her robot one last time, and it starts working perfectly. Sadie proves her point and suggests that Ilana should stay positive about her app until it starts working.

Ilana agrees that if her positive affirmation app can inspire kids like Sadie, she is willing to work on it further.

What happens after the science fair?

In the evening, Ilana drops by Sadie and Lay Lay’s house to inform them that she has convinced her father that her app is important. There is another piece of good news, though.

Ilana’s father has allowed her to launch a second version of the app. When Ilana leaves, Sadie and Lay Lay wonder what this new version will be like: will Lay Lay receive new powers, new hairstyles, or a completely new personality that is even worse than the negative version of Lay Lay?

Lay Lay reminds Sadie that she has just got back to being positive. They agree that they will find a way out if that update arrives. They move on and start focusing back on their life.

Sadie and Lay Lay organize a grungy party of their own for their friends with Good NEWZ Girls performing live as their guests. They also help Principal Willingham find love again so that the students can have a dance party at the school.

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