Thar (Netflix) summary and ending explained

Thar is western-style thriller set in the village of Munabao in Rajasthan. When a series of murders shake the village, a cop sets his eyes on solving the case. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

In 1985, a murder is committed in Munabao. The brutality and mutilation of the corpse leave even the local inspector Surekha (Anil Kapoor) in shock, which he makes clear to his subordinate Bhure (Satish Kaushik).

Siddharth (Harshvarrdhan Kapoor), a Delhi businessman, is looking to hire educated individuals for his business of taking antiques from villages and selling them in the city for huge profits.

The man killed at the start is revealed to be Suwa (Akkshay Gunaawat). Surekha suspects the local dacoits that are involved in the smuggling of Opium, but something is troubling him.

Siddharth is told that Panna (Jitendra Joshi) is educated, but is out of town. He asks his wife Chetan (Fatima Sana Shaikh) when he will return, and she claims he’ll be back soon.

Panna comes back and accepts the job, saying three men will be enough for the job. He, along with Kanwar and Dhanna (Sanjay Dadhich), will complete the transportation.

However, Dhanna is out of town. But Siddharth takes Panna and Kanwar to start the job. Midway, he stops at a local fort and beats up Kanwar.

When Panna tries to find him, Siddharth catches him by surprise as well and brutally batters him. He captures both, continuing his torture.

He goes back to Chetna and claims Panna already left for the city and asked Siddharth to stay at his house by paying rent.

Meanwhile, Surekha and Bhure continue to track Hanif Khan (Rahul Singh), the leader of the dacoits and figure out that they are smuggling Opium from Pakistan.

After Dhanna arrives, Sidharth takes him towards the border, makes him faint and captures him as well.

He returns to Chetna and makes a move on her. While she is initially taken aback, she gives in and the two sleep together.

When Dhanna tries to escape, Siddharth finds him outside. A boy witnesses this, and Sidharth chases him. The boy falls off a cliff to his death. Siddharth burns Dhanna’s body to get rid of the trace.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Thar ending explained in detail:

Siddharth’s motive

While searching for Hanif Khan, Bhure gets shot dead, leaving Surekha distraught.

Siddharth tells Chetna that the work has finished and he will leave, to which she begs him to take her along, as she wants to escape her life with Panna.

After digging in, Surekha finds out that Suwa, Dhanna, Panna and Kanwar were stealing from a house in Delhi.

A woman walked in right during their act. They raped and killed her, mutilating her body and leaving her corpse. That woman was Siddharth’s wife, Cheryl (Mandana Karimi).

Siddharth’s reason behind killing the four brutally is to take revenge for what they did to his wife.

Revenge saga

Instead of Delhi, Siddharth takes Chetna to the fort to show her what condition her husband and his friends are in.

He shouts at Panna to tell Chetna how he found the necklace that she now wears. It had belonged to Cheryl, and Panna had snatched it from her neck after raping her.

The different rings and earpieces that Siddharth cut off from each of them also belonged to Cheryl and he was simply collecting them back.

Chetna is left horrified at the entire situation. Surekha manages to kill Hanif Khan and reaches the fort.

Telling Siddharth that he knows what the fate of his family was, he urges him to surrender, but Siddharth can only give a tragic glare as a reply.

He is suddenly shot, by a weeping Chetna, as revenge for what he did to her family, not considering what had happened to him.

The cycle of vengeance

Six months after everything that happened at the fort, Chetna is revealed to be pregnant with Siddharth’s child. She also finds his stash of money and the jewels he cut off.

Surekha mulls over how revenge doesn’t let you live or die. And fulfilling it doesn’t offer justice or put an end to the hate within you.

The avenger always digs two graves. One of their enemy, and one for their own self, and continues living with the grave right beside them.

With the storm that hit Munabao changing all their lives, Surekha offers to drop off Chetna and their friends, bringing the film to a close, as the vastness of the desert is made glaringly visible to the viewers.

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