Tendo’s bucket list in Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead explained

In Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, after realizing that he can soon become zombie food too, Tendo comes up with a bucket list of things he wishes to do before becoming a zombie.

Tendo plans to list out 100 things he wants to do in this post-apocalyptic world before dying at the hands of a zombie. Choosing the things he dreams of doing becomes a job in itself.

However, he is determined to accomplish all of them because if he can’t live life the way he wants now, he is better off being zombie food.

The first 10 wishes

The very first wish on Tendo’s bucket list is to tell someone that he is in love with them. Tendo fulfills this wish before creating the list. He tracks his office crush, Ohtori, down. Though she becomes a zombie, he still tells her that he has been in love with her since joining Master Shot.

Following the first wish, the second wish sees him cleaning his room, which for the most part of the year has been untidy. He wants to camp at home for his third wish. He fulfills it after accomplishing other objectives on his list.

For the fourth wish, he plans to relax in a hot spring, which he does with his friends, Kencho and Shizuka, on their trip to the Marine Paradise Aquarium.

Tendo's bucket list in Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead explained 1
Shizuka discovers Tendo’s list

Tendo’s fifth wish involved having drinks with flight attendants. It comes true when Kencho and Tendo save a group of survivors on their way to the aquarium. Two women from the group turn out to be flight attendants.

For his sixth wish, he rides a motorcycle. After that, he quickly fulfills his tenth wish by setting off a fireworks display.

For the seventh wish, he goes shopping in the supermarket and puts things in a cart without caring about the price. As a part of the eighth and ninth wishes, he dyes his hair different colors before settling for his original hair color and paints his self-portrait on a tall building.

Finishing the list with his friends

The eleventh wish involved going on a trip in a camper. Tendo finds a camper when he and Kencho look for a vehicle to go to the aquarium. For the twelfth wish, he apologizes to Kencho properly for the fight they had before the apocalypse.

Kencho helps Tendo realize what the thirteenth wish should be: becoming a superhero who saves everyone. Tendo’s thirteenth wish is fulfilled during his time at the aquarium when he wears a shark suit to protect everyone from zombies and a zombie shark.

The fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth wishes of Tendo see him trying SUP Yoga, paragliding, and making a campfire with Kencho and Shizuka on their way to the aquarium.

The final and seventeenth wish says he wants to go on a cross-country trip with them. After saving the people at the aquarium, Tendo and his friends head out to travel all around Japan.

This time around, Tendo allows Shizuka and Kencho to add their wishes to the list. The eighteenth wish becomes Kencho’s, which is to be a comedian and make people laugh.

Shizuka makes the nineteenth wish hers, which is to become a doctor who saves everyone. Tendo writes the twentieth list for himself. He plans to make being a superhero his new job.

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