Marine Paradise Aquarium in Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead explained

Marine Paradise Aquarium in Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead is an aquarium located in Ibaraki. The place is turned into a safe sanctuary for humans who seek shelter from zombies.

Tendo and Kencho originally planned to go to Marine Paradise Aquarium to retrieve a shark suit that protects a person from shark bites, which may now also protect them from zombie bites.

On their way, when they rescue a group of survivors who are also heading to the same aquarium, they learn that the place has been turned into a safe fortress that protects people from zombies.

Tendo, Kencho, and Shizuka reach the aquarium and learn that it is being run ruthlessly by Kosugi, Tendo’s senior from Master Shot. Kosugi’s team was shooting a commercial here when the pandemic struck. Kosugi made the decision to turn the place into a safe house. 

However, more than a sanctuary, the place feels like a prison where everyone works tirelessly to provide for Kosugi.

The functioning of the aquarium

Kosugi likes to call the aquarium his company. He looks at it as the perfect place where their safety and food, with the fish here, is guaranteed. Everyone working at the aquarium heard rumors that this is a safe place and came here.

Kosugi intentionally blasts off people’s cars’ tires to make them stay here. Everyone is assigned a particular job and is required to work most of the time to keep the aquarium running. Kosugi and his colleagues only throw orders and hardly work compared to others.

Marine Paradise Aquarium in Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead explained 1
Kosugi shows Tendo how the aquarium functions

Not everyone at the aquarium likes Kosugi’s way of leading them. Kosugi’s group eats most of the fresh meals and offers emergency food supplies to others. The others don’t have an option but to listen to Kosugi, as they all desire to be safe from the outside world.

Kosugi secured the aquarium using the group of zombies his team had trapped outside. The security team uses horns to lure zombies in a certain direction. They use this tactic to scare off bandits who might want to steal their place and when they need to send people out for supplies.

Kosugi sees these zombies as employees who work without complaining. If they are used right, they are a great labor force.

What happens at the aquarium?

Kosugi’s team’s smooth functioning at Marine Paradise Aquarium is disrupted when an employee goes out for supplies and accidentally brings a zombie along with him.

The place is soon filled with zombies. Some of the zombies even fall into the water and infest a shark. Not Kosugi, but Tendo and his friends end up saving everyone there from this swarm of zombies and the zombie shark.

After seeing Tendo as a better leader, the people at the aquarium reject Kosugi. They would rather take their chances out there than live here under Kosugi’s rule. Kosugi is then left all alone at the aquarium by himself.

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