Tarak Decimus: Rebel Moon character explained

In Rebel Moon, Tarak Decimus is a former prince who joins Kora in the first part in her fight against the Motherworld. Staz Nair plays Tarak Decimus.

Kai brings Kora and Gunnar to Tarak, who is spending his days on Neu-wodi, paying his debts to a man named Hickman.

Tarak is ready to fight against the Realm. He is no friend of the Realm and has committed crimes against them. However, his debt stops him from joining Kora, who negotiates with Hickman.

Hickman is ready to gamble. He agrees to settle the debts that Tarak owes him if Tarak is able to tame the creature that they have.

Tarak is successful, so he ends up leaving Neu-wodi with Kora and joining her in her fight against the Motherworld, becoming one of the first warriors she recruits.

Tarak’s past

Tarak comes from a royal family. His father, the king, insisted on presenting their terms to the armies of the Motherworld, who were bent on conquering every world out there.

The Motherworld replied by sending the king’s body with the promise of invasion. Soon, the Imperium invaded Tarak’s kingdom.

Tarak Decimus: Rebel Moon character explained 1
Tarak watched his mother kill herself

Tarak’s mother killed herself, and Tarak lost his mother as well as his kingdom. Tarak was smuggled off the planet, hidden in a refugee transport headed for a near-bright star.

Tarak ran to preserve a kingdom and a bloodline that no longer exists.

Tarak’s fate

Tarak is with Kora’s team of rebels when they defeat Noble for the first time. He journeys with them to Veldt, where they learn that Noble is not dead and is coming for them in five days.

Tarak trains and fights alongside the people of Veldt. In the end, the people of Veldt successfully defeat Noble’s army.

When Kora gets a new purpose in life: searching for Princess Issa, who is more likely alive, Tarak is one of the warriors who joins her in this quest.

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