James/Jimmy/JC-1435: Rebel Moon character explained

In Rebel Moon, JC-1435, also known as James or Jimmy, is a sentient machine designed to protect the royal family of the Motherworld. Anthony Hopkins voices Jimmy.

Jimmy is part of Mechanicas Militarium. He is from the army of identical cyborgs created to defend the royal family.

After the death of the king and the royal family, all the Jimmys laid down their weapons and refused to fight. The function is part of their program.

JC-1435 on Veldt

JC-1435 is brought to the planet of Veldt to do the heavy lifting for the Imperium. Some of the soldiers bully and have fun with the cyborg until the soldiers try to hurt Sam, a young village girl, whom Jimmy saves from them.

JC-1435 hinted that he is developing emotions when he found himself in a conversation with Sam. He says Sam reminds him of Princess Issa.

Jimmy mentions that he and his android brothers pledged to fight for Princess Issa even before she was born.

James/Jimmy/JC-1435: Rebel Moon character explained 1
Jimmy forms a bond with Sam

Jimmy used to believe that Princess Issa would usher in a new age of peace and compassion.

After the death of the royal family at the hands of those they trusted the most, Jimmy and his brothers lost some measure of honor.

Joining the rebels

In Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver, Jimmy confesses to Kora that the thought of Sam being hurt or destroyed opened a part of him that had been closed.

Kora explains to Jimmy that he is choosing a side. He and Kora are alike, designed to kill for the Imperium.

If they come together, they are a nightmare for the Imperium—not because they are ordered or commanded, but because they are protecting something they love.

During the battle between the rebels and the Imperium on Veldt, Jimmy joins, supporting the rebels and proving himself to be a force to be reckoned with.

At the end of Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver, Jimmy is one of those who are ready to fight alongside Kora and search for Princess Issa, who is believed to be still alive.

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