Stacy Friedman: You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah character explained

In You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah, Stacy Friedman is going to have her bat mitzvah very soon, but before that, she needs to learn some important lessons. Sunny Sandler plays the role of Stacy.

Stacy will be turning 13 soon, which means she will be having her bat mitzvah. Stacy believes that one’s bat mitzvahs determine how their adult life will turn out to be, so she wishes to have the perfect bat mitzvah party.

Stacy’s ideas for the party, which include yachts and pop stars, are not very practical, but that becomes the least of her problems when she ends her friendship with her childhood best friend, Lydia, over the boy Stacy likes.

Making mistakes

Stacy has liked Andy, the school’s most popular boy, for a very long time. However, Andy has never shown an interest in her, even though Stacy changes the way she talks and acts when she is around him.

Stacy makes some stupid decisions to get Andy’s attention, such as jumping off a ledge. However, she only ends up getting embarrassed and fighting with Lydia.

Soon after, when Stacy goes to Lydia’s house to talk, she sees Lydia and Andy kissing. Stacy ends her friendship with Lydia then and there and asks her not to come to her bat mitzvah.

Furthermore, after losing her best friend as well as the boy she likes, a jealous Stacy spreads rumors about Lydia, volunteers at a retirement home to flirt with Andy, pushes away her other friends in order to get Andy’s attention, and convinces him to break up with Lydia.

You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah Stacy
Stacy flirts with Andy

Stacy is then caught kissing Andy in the temple, much to her parents’ disappointment. It is Rabbi Rebecca who gives Stacy a reality check and points out how she volunteered at the retirement home to flirt with a boy, not to give back to society.

Now that Stacy is with Andy, she is not as happy as she thought she would be, as she finds herself surrounded by people she does not like. Stacy then tries to be better and starts doing good things, hoping that something good will happen to her. 

Learning and changing for the better

Stacy hopes to make things right with Lydia. However, Lydia’s bat mitzvah gets ruined when the embarrassing video that Stacy had earlier made for her gets played at Lydia’s party. Stacy tries to talk to Lydia, but Lydia thinks that it is too late now.

Stacy finds herself all alone, as Andy starts dating another girl and Lydia does not want anything to do with her. Stacy, who had been so excited about her bat mitzvah, refuses to celebrate or go to the temple on the day of her bat mitzvah.

Stacy’s parents force her to go, and while reading from the Torah, Stacy realizes that she has ruined her friendship with the person who matters the most for the sake of a boy who is mean and nothing special. She owns up to her mistakes and apologizes to everyone present.

You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah Stacy
Stacy acknowledges that she has not been a good friend

She then goes to apologize to Lydia. Although Lydia tells her that she does not want to forgive her or be her friend again, Stacy convinces her to come to her bat mitzvah party. Stacy then gives up her own party to give Lydia the party that she deserves.

Stacy’s selfless actions earn Lydia’s forgiveness, and the two girls go back to being best friends. Stacy learns from her mistakes and grows. In the end, she is seen dancing with Mateo, a boy who is sweet and kind but not popular like Andy, and working for a good cause for her mitzvah project, but with her friends this time.

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