You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah summary and ending explained

In You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah, Stacy’s plans for her bat mitzvah get ruined when her best friend starts dating the boy Stacy likes. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

This is the year Stacy Friedman, a middle school student, will be turning 13 and having her bat mitzvah. Along with that, Stacy has to do her mitzvah project, which aims to make teenagers do something good for society.

Stacy and her childhood best friend, Lydia, want nothing more than to have amazing bat mitzvahs. Stacy has two other friends at school, but their group is not popular. Like a lot of other girls, Stacy likes the school’s most popular boy, Andy, and keeps trying to impress him. 

One day, a popular girl at school invites Lydia to their house, and Lydia takes Stacy with her. The popular girls then decide to go to the ledge, a place where teenagers hang out, but Lydia does not want to go, as it is not safe. However, Stacy finds out that Andy will be there and convinces Lydia to join the others. 

There, Stacy takes another teenager’s dare and jumps off the ledge to impress Andy and get his attention. However, Stacy’s sanitary pad comes off and is seen floating on the water. Everyone sees it, and Stacy sees her best friend chuckle with the others.

An upset Stacy thinks that Lydia has new friends now and fights with her. Embarrassed and humiliated, she goes back home. As Lydia apologizes to Stacy and tries to talk to her, Stacy decides to go to a party that Lydia is throwing at her house.

All the popular kids, including Andy, are present at Lydia’s party. There, Stacy sees her best friend kissing Andy and leaves Lydia’s house. Lydia follows her out, but Stacy makes it clear that they are no longer friends and that Lydia is not invited to her bat mitzvah.

This marks the beginning of a silent warfare between the two friends. Lydia starts dating Andy and befriends all the popular people. On the other hand, Stacy is left alone and heartbroken, so she spreads rumors about Lydia.

Stacy was supposed to make the video for Lydia’s bat mitzvah, but when they fought, she told Lydia that she would not be making it for her. Now, she makes a video that includes Lydia’s most embarrassing videos.

However, Stacy does not give or show it to anyone, as she is still Lydia’s best friend. During this time, Stacy focuses on becoming the person that Andy would like and ends up pushing her other friends away.

Stacy then volunteers at an old age home for her mitzvah project, as she finds out that Andy’s grandmother lives there. As she had expected, she often gets to meet Andy there. Stacy talks to him and convinces him to break up with Lydia.

After Andy breaks up with Lydia, Andy and Stacy are found kissing at the temple, where they go to Hebrew school. This leads to Stacy’s father scolding her, and that is when Lydia’s mother comes to Stacy’s house to take the video that Stacy was going to make for Lydia’s bat mitzvah.

Stacy’s mother finds the video that Stacy had made to embarrass Lydia and thinks that it is the bat mitzvah video. She sends the video to Lydia’s mother without seeing it or telling Stacy about it. 

Now that Stacy is with Andy, she gets to spend time with all the popular kids, but she does not enjoy their company. Stacy and Lydia miss each other, but neither of them is willing to apologize first.

You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah ending explained in detail:

What happens at Lydia’s bat mitzvah party?

Stacy does not want to attend Lydia’s bat mitzvah party, but she decides to go when her mother assures her that Lydia misses her best friend. Her mother also tells her to make things right. 

When Lydia and Stacy see each other at the party, they get excited, and it seems like their relationship might improve. However, the video that Stacy had made is played at the party, and Lydia leaves her party in tears. 

The bat mitzvah that Lydia was looking forward to is completely ruined. Stacy goes after her, but Lydia thinks that it is too late. Furthermore, Andy starts dating someone else, and Stacy, who no longer has any friends, is left alone and heartbroken once again.

Does Stacy apologize to Lydia?

When it is time for her own bat mitzvah, Stacy refuses to go, and her parents have to take her to the temple forcefully. Stacy reads from the Torah but stops midway when she notices that Lydia and her family are not present.

Stacy then admits that she has been annoying and selfish. She believes that she is a woman now, so she owns up to her mistakes in front of everyone and apologizes to her friends and family. She now thinks that Andy is nothing special and calls him out for not being nice to others.

She realizes that Lydia matters the most to her and that she should not have ruined their friendship because of Andy. Stacy then finishes her reading and rushes off to Lydia’s house to apologize to her. Stacy tells Lydia that she loves and misses her. She asks for Lydia’s forgiveness. 

Lydia then tells her that she also liked Andy for a long time but never told Stacy about her feelings because that would have upset her. She only dated Andy to get on Stacy’s nerves, as Stacy told her not to come to her bat mitzvah.

Since Stacy ruined her bat mitzvah, Lydia no longer wants anything to do with her. Stacy understands, but she still asks Lydia to come to her bat mitzvah party. Lydia does not respond, but Stacy is hopeful.

Do Stacy and Lydia make up?

Lydia and her parents do attend Stacy’s bat mitzvah party. It turns out that Stacy wanted to give Lydia the bat mitzvah that she deserved, so she sacrificed her own bat mitzvah party and turned her party into Lydia’s party.

Lydia is surprised and touched when she realizes that Stacy threw a party for her. The two girls reconcile and celebrate together. Stacy also dances with Mateo, who is always nice to her but Stacy kept snubbing him because she liked Andy.

Stacy learns from her mistakes and grows. As she earlier volunteered at the old age home only to flirt with Andy, she decides to do something good for society. She starts a bakery with her friends and gives all proceeds to charity.

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