Srini: Rana Naidu character explained

In Rana Naidu, Srini works for Rana, and his job involves doing everything that Rana asks him to do. For Rana, Srini is not disposable, as Rana leaves no stone unturned to save his life. Adithya Menon plays Srini.

In the show, Rana is known for effectively fixing all kinds of problems for celebrities, but Rana manages to do that with the help of his two subordinates, Srini and Lara, who are ready to assist him at all times of the day.

While Lara seems to see Rana as his superior, Srini seems to be more of a friend to him, as Rana’s family knows him well and Srini addresses Rana by his name without using honorifics.

Who is Srini?

Srini works with Rana and is asked to perform all kinds of violent actions, but the show focuses on his gentle and domestic side during his introduction. When Srini’s character is introduced, it is shown that he lives with his mother and takes care of her.

Later, he is asked to keep an eye on Mandira from a distance. When he meets Rana outside her house, he gives him updates about his mother and tells him how tough she is.

Rana asks Srini to take care of Mandira’s stalker and storms toward her house. Srini knows Rana well enough to understand that his actions will spell disaster. He tries to stop Rana, which shows that the two have probably been working together for a long time.

However, Srini soon shows his dangerous side. When Naga asks Arjun, his fourth son and Rana’s stepbrother, to deliver a package to Prince, Rana sends Srini to issue a warning.

Srini corners Arjun, who is still comparatively young, and beats him up. He then staples the picture that Naga made Arjun deliver to his chest and leaves a cigarette burn as well. He asks Arjun to not run any more errands for Naga, leaving Arjun traumatized.

Rana Naidu Srini
Srini warns Arjun

Rana’s trusted right-hand man

Rana trusts Srini enough to task him with tailing Naga. Srini obediently follows Naga to Lonavala and keeps updating Rana.

It is easy to understand why Rana trusts him, as Srini proves his worth over and over again. He discovers Eijaz’s identity and the fact that he is working with Naga. He even leads Rana to Eijaz’s place, where they find out that Eijaz is on to them.

He makes a plan to trap Eijaz. He sits next to him at a cafe and orders the same coffee as him. He then drugs his coffee and exchanges their cups after distracting him. He records a drugged Eijaz on camera, allowing Rana to blackmail him.

However, Srini’s character also makes mistakes; he fails to stop Prince from confessing his crime to Naga. He is then asked to drive Surya, one of the most wanted men in the country, to Mumbai, a job Rana would not trust anyone else to finish.

Srini tries his best to deal with Surya and his wife, who refuse to cooperate and take measures to stay under the radar. Rana asks him to take charge, but he cannot do that when Surya threatens him using his gun.

The disastrous trip sees Surya killing his own wife, leaving a tense Srini to get rid of the body. Srini follows Rana’s instructions and finally manages to bring Surya to Mumbai.

Once Surya finds out the truth about Deeya’s death, Rana moves his family to a hotel and asks Srini to ensure their safety, as he needs to help his brothers.

Naina questions Srini regarding their situation, but as he is loyal to Rana, he does not tell her anything. Naina points out that Srini is just like Rana when it comes to answering questions, but it is clear that he is more level-headed than Rana.

A frustrated Naina ends up slapping him when he does not allow her to leave the room, and Srini still stays tight-lipped. He has no choice but to let her go, as Rana’s children are also present there.

Is Srini dead or alive?

Srini then needs to track down Salim, but after that, when he tries to locate Surya, he finds himself in trouble. Surya holds him captive and asks Rana to get him fake passports, safe transportation, and the money Salim stole from him in exchange for Srini’s safety.

Rana Naidu Srini
Surya holds Srini hostage

It is evident that Rana values Srini, as he warns Surya not to harm him. Rana fulfills Surya’s demands and puts his life at risk to save Srini. Despite getting what he wanted, Surya shoots Srini.

When it is all over and Surya is dead, Srini is seen lying unconscious in the hospital, which means he survived the gunshot. An exhausted Rana and Lara are seen sitting by his bedside.

Throughout the show, Srini is assigned the tasks that are most important to Rana, including tailing Naga and ensuring the safety of his family. Rana is even ready to let Surya go if it means Srini’s life will be saved. The two men work well together because they trust each other.

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