Ana: Rana Naidu character explained

In Rana Naidu, Ishitta Arun plays the role of Ana, Tej’s love interest. Ana and Tej love each other, but Ana has secrets of her own that prevent them from being together.

Rana’s older brother, Tej, who is a stuntman, has Parkinson’s disease because his father pushed him to do stunts in the past. Tej regularly gets physiotherapy, and that is where he meets Ana, his physiotherapist. Tej ends up dating Ana and falls in love with her.

Ana and Tej’s relationship

When Rana takes Tej for his physiotherapy, he notices that Ana, the physiotherapist, seems to be interested in Tej; she inquires about Tej’s tattoo to know his relationship status. She finds it sweet that he got his sister’s name tattooed on his chest, and Rana is quick to claim that it was Tej’s idea.

Ana then flirts with Tej and tells him that she does home visits as well, but Tej does not take the hint. Rana intervenes and takes her number on Tej’s behalf. He later tells an oblivious Tej why she wanted his number, bringing his brother’s complaints to a stop.

Tej meets Ana and asks her out. On their first date, he tries to cook for her but fails miserably, as he ends up setting himself on fire. He then orders food, but when Ana compliments his cooking, Tej gets uncomfortable and tells her the whole truth.

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Ana realizes that Tej values honesty. He does not know what their relationship is as of yet, but he wants them to be honest with each other. After that day, Ana and Tej begin a relationship.

Ana’s abusive marriage

One day, Ana lies about being sick and cancels her plans with Tej, who even offers to bring her food. Tej asks Rana to find out Ana’s address and brings her food, even though she asked him not to do that. When he reaches there, he finds out that she is married and has a son.

Rana Naidu Tej
Tej finds out that Ana is married

A heartbroken Tej does not confront her about it when they meet next, but Ana can tell that he is upset about something. Ana then goes to his studio to visit him on Nitya’s birthday, where he is spending time with his brothers.

Tej takes out the time to talk to her and does not fail to notice her black eye. Ana then finds out that Tej knows that she is married when he asks her if it was her husband’s doing.

Ana tells Tej that her marriage was already broken, even before they started seeing each other, as there was no love there. She cannot leave her husband until her son goes to college, and Tej claims that he does not want to be a homewrecker anyway.

Ana came to see him because she thought that he would understand, but it becomes clear to her that he is not ready to be with a married woman.

Ana then comes to know that Tej went to beat up her husband because her husband hit her, not knowing that she hit her husband first. She confronts Tej about beating up her husband without talking to her first.

She asks him what is going on between them, and a stubborn Tej replies that there is nothing. She even confesses her love for him, but Tej tells her that he does not love her because he believes that she is doing the wrong thing by betraying her husband.

A defeated Ana says goodbye to him and tries to leave. Despite his beliefs, Tej cannot let her go. He stops her, and the two do not part ways.

Does Ana break up with Tej?

Ana is with Tej when Jaffa, covered in blood, brings Vijaywada to the studio after shooting him. Tej trusts her and lets her give first aid to Vijaywada, but when Rana arrives, he asks Tej to send her away because she is not family.

Ana wants to take Vijaywada to the hospital to save his life, but Rana asks her to stay out of their family matter. When Ana insists on calling an ambulance and there is a conflict, Tej sides with Rana, but not without promising Ana that he will take Vijaywada to the hospital.

Rana Naidu Ana
Tej promises Ana that he will take Vijaywada to the hospital

Later, Vijaywada is able to take advantage of this promise and manipulate Tej. He tells Tej that Ana will not forgive him for letting him die and that Rana will destroy their relationship. Tej calls an ambulance, but Rana ends up killing Vijaywada anyway.

Tej apologizes to Ana and cries. He admits that he could not stop Rana, but he also defends his brother’s actions; he believes that Rana killed Vijaywada to erase his own pain; the kind of pain he and Ana cannot understand.

Ana does not blame Tej for Vijaywada’s death, but she thinks that the guilt will destroy him. She has decided to leave her husband. However, she will truly commit to Tej only if he tells the police everything with regard to Vijaywada’s death.

While Tej loves Ana, he cannot betray his family, so he refuses to go to the police, disappointing Ana. As Tej chooses his family, the couple is not seen together again.

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