Heartstopper season 2 review: An adorable fluff-fest

In Heartstopper season 2, Nick struggles to come out and Charlie tries to be a supportive boyfriend. The two teenagers, as well as their friends, navigate relationships and discover themselves. The second season is now streaming on Netflix.   


After coming out to his mother in the first season, Nick now wishes to come out to everyone and make his and Charlie’s relationship public. It is not as easy as he had expected it to be, but he has Charlie supporting him.

Elle and Tao like each other, but Tao’s behavior makes Elle think otherwise. Tao needs to gather the courage to ask Elle out, and he needs to do it before it is too late, as Elle might go to the Lambert School of Art.

Darcy and Tara are happy together. While Tara can confess her love, Darcy, who refuses to discuss anything serious with her girlfriend and turns everything into a joke, cannot do the same. 

At the same time, Isaac always finds himself surrounded by teenagers in love, much to his annoyance. He starts liking a boy, but there is a lot he needs to learn about himself.

As the teens fall in love and embrace their identities, their relationships with the people around them change. In this season, there is the school prom, a school trip to Paris, messy family dinners, and a lot of love.


Kit Connor and Joe Locke’s onscreen chemistry is still as good as ever. Their characters have grown, their relationship has changed, and the two actors convince the audience of that. They make their characters seem young, vulnerable, and adorable.

William Gao’s portrayal of Tao makes the character stand out. Just like many people his age, he is scared. At the same time, he is weird, protective, and has great chemistry with Yasmin Finney, who also gives an adequate performance as Elle.

This season focused on the stories of the minor characters as well. The actors playing these characters also performed their parts well, which made the stories charming.


Similar to the first season, the second season of Heartstopper is also full of sweet teenage love and a lot of fluff. The show promises light-hearted romance, and it delivers exactly that.

It is refreshing to see queer characters being accepted by the world and getting their happy ending. There are plenty of dark and distressing stories of queer love, but there are not enough happy ones, and Heartstopper gives the audience just that.

The show also has supportive parents and gay teachers. Usually, it is the adults who define the norm, so in the show, the LGBTQ+ characters and their relationships are not seen as peculiar but as normal.

Through Nick’s character, the show highlights the struggles of coming out, where there is a risk of people’s friends and family rejecting and ridiculing who they are. There are different reactions to Nick coming out, and the show does not fail to draw attention to biphobia, as seen in David’s response. 


The show’s world is happy and carefree, so none of the problems exist for long. When they are solved easily or set aside for later, the audience is deprived of closure. The show properly touches upon gloomy subjects only in the last two episodes, which leave a greater impact than the others.

Heartstopper is a show that mainly caters to teenagers. While the adult audience might relate to the characters sometimes, they will not get invested in the stories as much as the younger audience.


Heartstopper season 2 is as sweet and winsome as the first season, if not more. Apart from Nick and Charlie, this season also offers other charming queer stories. This season is a must-see for the fans of the show.

Heartstopper season 2
Heartstopper season 2 review: An adorable fluff-fest 1

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