Spark: Back to 15 season 2 character explained

The second season of Back to 15 introduces Spark, who is César’s love interest and Henrique’s new bandmate. Lucas Deluti plays the role of Spark.

In high school, when César is still discovering herself and struggles to be accepted for what she is, she meets Spark, a charming boy who treats her well. Spark is a drummer in the band that Henrique ends up joining.

While Spark is definitely not the smartest boy in the school, he is known to be cheerful and optimistic. He always seems happy, but when it is required, he can be very mature and understanding.

The way Spark sees César

Spark and César meet in the washroom when César is applying makeup. Unlike other boys who torment César for expressing herself, Spark compliments her makeup and helps her make it look better.

From the very first moment they meet, Spark makes César feel comfortable. César is not confident about the poem she has written for the talent show. Spark finds one of the papers that has César’s poem written on it and comes to return it to her.

He compliments her poem and makes her smile even when she is stressed. César finds him cute. It seems like Spark also likes her when she comes to Spark’s band’s music video shoot wearing a wig and a skirt.

César then decides to go to her school in a skirt. While everyone else stares and whispers about her, Spark does not even blink twice. César’s discomfort eases when she joins him, and he treats her the same as always.

Later, she can freely admit to him that she would feel better sleeping in the girls’ room instead of the boys’ room, without fear of judgment. With Spark, César can be herself.

At the festival, César decides to openly express who she is and comes dressed as a woman. Spark brings her Leo’s letter and encourages her to talk to him. He also makes it clear that he would not pass her any malicious messages, as he claims to be her human filter.

Back to 15 season 2 Spark
Spark gives César Leo’s letter

While talking to Leo, César realizes that she has feelings for Spark and kisses him in front of everyone after giving her speech. César loves the way Spark sees her, but Spark thinks that there is no other way.

This event impacts Spark and César’s future. Anita goes back to the future and finds out that Spark, who is still a drummer, and César, who is now Camile, are still together in this timeline.

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