Henrique and Carol’s relationship in Back to 15 season 2 explained

The second season of Back to 15 sees Henrique and Carol going from being just friends to being a couple.

In the first season of Back to 15, long-term friends Henrique and Carol kiss, which makes them realize that they do not have feelings for each other. The two of them decide to be just friends, but that does not last long. 

The right person and the right time

In the second season, when Carol sees Henrique perform with the band, like everyone else, she is captivated. This makes her realize that perhaps she likes him as more than a friend.

However, Carol also likes Douglas. She admits to Anita that she likes both boys and that she cannot figure out who is the one she likes more. On the other hand, Henrique likes Anita, Carol’s cousin. 

If Carol ends up with Henrique, Anita will not get her perfect future with him in Paris, so she tries her best to convince Carol to date Douglas. Anita is not very convincing and fails to sway Carol. 

Henrique asks Carol and a few other girls for advice about getting close to the girl he likes. Carol thinks that Henrique is talking about her and asks him to play the girl’s favorite song in the music video that he is going to record with the band.

Henrique takes her advice and plays Anita’s favorite song. It becomes clear to Carol that Henrique likes Anita, and she decides to give up on him. She also stops liking Douglas, as he disappoints her by not defending her when Eduardo slut-shames her.

Meanwhile, Henrique tries to kiss Anita, but she stops him because he does not know about her time-traveling adventures. Henrique then comes to believe that while Anita has always been his first priority, he is never hers. He no longer wishes to be with her.

Back to 15 season 2 Henrique and Carol
Henrique and Carol comfort each other

Just like Douglas was not the right partner for Carol, Anita is not the right person for Henrique. Carol and Henrique, both disheartened, find comfort in each other’s company during the inter-school games. 

Carol tells Henrique that they both need to like people who like them for what they are. They share a moment and almost kiss but are interrupted by Ms. Beth.  

Later, César’s speech at the festival inspires Carol to be courageous. She wants to kiss Henrique and confess to him, and she does exactly that. It turns out that Henrique reciprocates her feelings. This time, when they kiss, they both feel something and decide to be more than friends.  

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