Sonic Prime season 3 summary and ending explained

In season 3 of Sonic Prime, Sonic and all the variants attempt to stop Nine from destroying the Shatterspaces. The episodes are streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

Nine returns to his lab in the Grim where he reconstitutes all the pieces of the Paradox Prism and uses its power.

He builds a citadel to harness the power of the prism, but it is still unstable and this causes the other shatterspaces to begin disintegrating.

Sonic and Shadow are in Ghost Hill when this happens, and Shadow convinces Sonic that they need to get out of there before they disappear too.

They successfully escape to the void, and Sonic leads them to the Grim. Nine is waiting for them because he realizes what he needs.

Sonic has the remaining prism power required to stabilize it and Nine creates evil robotic versions of Sonic, Rouge, Knuckles, Amy, and Birdie to capture him.

Shadow and Sonic take on the robot alphas but they aren’t able to defeat them. Shadow tells Sonic that he needs to go and get help and sends him out of the Grim.

Sonic tries to go back, but Nine sends Grim Birdie and two copies chasing after him. Sonic makes his way to New Yoke City in search of help.

The decay has reached New Yoke as well, and Nine uses the prism to wreak havoc there as well. However, the variants from the other shatterspaces arrive to help.

Everyone heads to the yolk, and the Chaos Council agrees to cooperate despite their clear disdain for the heroes.

Sonic recharges their power so that they can raise their defensive dome, but they realize that there are still people left behind in No Place.

Sonic rushes there to help and he is accompanied by the Rusty Rose, Black Rose, and Thorn Rose upon the Krakken.

They rescue the remaining crew of the Angel’s Voyage but require some help from Dr. Done-It to get out of there in one piece.

Once everyone is reunited in New Yoke, they discuss ways of taking on Nine. Sonic still believes he can reason with Nine, but the others don’t agree.

With no consensus on the plan, Sonic decides to give himself up and makes Nine promise that the Fox will fix the other shatterspaces and leave everyone else alone.

When Sonic arrives at the Grim, he almost talks some sense into Nine. Unfortunately for him, the rest of the Chaos Council and variants show up there as well.

They use Sonic’s power signature to find out where he is and plan on taking the fight to Nine.

Nine is angered by this betrayal and uses the robot alphas to create an army of copies to take on everyone else.

Sonic and his friends aren’t able to hold their own despite outnumbering the robots, and he realizes what needs to be done.

He gathers everyone and asks Rebel Rouge for a plan because she is the best strategist in the group.

Rebel Rouge suggests a three-pronged approach, splitting up the pirates, the scavengers, and the New Yoke crew to distract Nine.

She also tells Sonic to hang back and keep his distance from Nine because that’s exactly what shouldn’t happen.

Sonic realizes that the forcefield and everything else gets more unstable as Nine uses up power from the Prism.

He attempts to frustrate Nine as much as he can to drain the power from the robot army.

Nine creates a crevasse on the ground, and when Sonic is pushed into it, he comes across Shadow who is being held back by robots.

They head back up to take on the army and Nine gets frustrated enough that he creates a giant robot version of Big.

Once again, they can defeat the Grim Big by working together, and Sonic comes up with a final plan to defeat Nine.

He takes on Nine head-to-head, while his friends succumb to the robot army. But that’s what Sonic wanted as the robots run out of juice eventually.

Nine’s power supply is endless because of the prism, but the forcefield closes in and leaves them with very little time.

Ending explained:

How does Sonic convince Nine?

Sonic pushes Nine down to his lab where the prism is, and they continue fighting. He sees the palm trees that Nine set up and feels bad for his friend.

Nine is still flush with anger and unwilling to listen to reason so he keeps firing at Sonic until the others break through the wall and tell him to stop.

With defeat inevitable, Nine finally listens to what Sonic has to say.

The speedster acknowledges that he didn’t take into account what Nine wanted, and should have been more considerate of Nine’s wants.

How does Nine restore the shatterspaces?

Nine says that he pushed the prism to its limits, and barring a great sacrifice there would be no restoring of the shatterspaces.

Sonic volunteers to ensure his friends get their worlds back and ask Nine to use the prism power that he still holds.

Nine can restabilize the prism, but without the power to hold him together, Sonic begins disappearing into oblivion.

The Chaos Council attempts to capture the prism for themselves but after some in-fighting, the heroes knock them into the endless void.

How does Sonic get back to Green Hill?

With no more threats around, Nine uses the prism to bring everything back to normal. The gateways reform and they find the Green Hill gateway in the distance.

Sonic ensures that Nine will leave everyone else alone as long as they don’t bother him. Then he gets a ride from Thorn Rose and Birdie, although Shadow gets left behind.

Birdie goes half the distance when her wing is hurt, but Black Rose is following behind on the Krakken with Shadow on board.

They get them closer to the gateway, and Shadow takes them all the way.

Sonic returns to the moment before he shatters the prism, and this time he makes the right decision.

He works with his friends and defeats Eggman. His friends are impressed with his new attitude, and he is about to tell them about his adventures when sudden trouble appears.

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