Somebody ending explained: Does Yun-oh get caught for his crimes?

Somebody is a Korean crime thriller series about a serial killer who uses a dating app to lure and murder women. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Kim Sum, a young app programmer, is recruited by Samantha, the CEO of a tech company named Spectrum, after creating a one-of-a-kind AI-powered chatbot.

Years later, Kim Sum and Samantha create a dating app called “Somebody” that helps people find their soulmates.

From the outside, Kim Sum appears to be living a happy life, but she is desperately lonely and has no one to talk to except her personal AI chatbot.

Kim Sum soon learns that her dating app is being used to target, victimize, and murder women. She identifies a series of accounts linked to the same user named Yun-oh, who captivates his lonely matches by always saying exactly the right thing to them.

Kim Sum follows Yun-oh’s activities on the Somebody app and invites him to meet her near her office.

When he arrives at the location, Kim Sum informs Yun-oh that she is the creator of the app and that the messages he sends through the app are categorized as non-human by her computer.

He then drives her to his office, where they start to bond and she opens up about her Asperger’s syndrome, which differentiates her from other people. Before leaving, he gives her a razor blade as a gift.

One of his latest victims is Gi-eun, a female police officer in a wheelchair who falls into Yun-oh’s trap. After having an intimate moment with Gi-eun, he just abandons her alone, without letting her have her phone or wheelchair, in a deserted forest area.

Gi-eun is forced to crawl to the main road, where she gets help from a taxi and goes to her friend Mok-won’s house.

Gi-eun contacts her best friend Kim Sum and asks her to help her identify a user on the Somebody dating app.

Kim Sum declines her request on the grounds that she cannot disclose any user’s private information, so Gi-eun decides to handle it on her own.

Meanwhile, Kim Sum develops a friendship with Agape, a guy with Asperger’s syndrome on the Somebody app, and the two plan to meet.

When she arrives at a gloomy corner of the street, he forces her into an abandoned building and tries to rape her. Kim Sum fights back, and during the struggle, she slashes his throat with the razor Yun-oh gave her.

She hires a lawyer to help her with the police investigation, and the traumatic event triggers some disturbing childhood memories in her.

She returns home from the hospital and tells her AI chatbot about the ordeal, admitting to murdering a man and feeling euphoric about it.

Somebody ending explained in detail:

How does Kim Sum discover Agape’s true identity?

Yun-oh meets Kim Sum at her home after hearing about the incident in the news. She asks him to help her locate other men who were working with Agape that night so that she can kill them.

Before he could leave, she suggests he chat with her AI friend. When he does, the AI chatbox tells him that Kim Sum felt euphoric after killing someone, and in response, Yun-oh shares his desire to sleep and murder people with Kim Sum.

However, he deletes his texts after typing them, but the computer is programmed to remember everything. The next day, she reads the conversation her AI friend had with Yun-oh and learns about his dark side and desires.

She thinks he’s her soulmate and invites him over, where they get intimate. After spending a day with her, Yun-oh asks the AI chatbot why Kim Sum invited him to her house.

Yun-oh believes it is because she wanted sex and gets furious when the AI laughs at him. He destroys the AI chatbot and departs.

Kim Sum awakens the next morning to the shocking sight of her AI friend wrecked. She repairs the AI, examines the video of Yun-oh destroying the machine, and restores his last messages, which were signed off by Agape.

She realizes Yun-oh orchestrated the entire incident as Agape, but she chooses to play the fool because she loves him.

Do Mok-won and Gi-eun gather evidence against Yun-oh?

Gi-eun discovers that Kim Sum’s boyfriend, Yun-oh, is the serial killer who abandoned her that night. Meanwhile, Yun-oh runs into Mok-won. He asks her if she’s friends with Kim Sum and threatens her to stay away from him.

A terrified Mok-won then meets Gi-eun and informs her that they are running out of time to bring Yun-oh down. They both visit Kim Sum and dump a bag of cell phones he had collected from the victims in order to create different IDs on Somebody.

Gi-eun believes she has enough evidence to obtain an arrest warrant from the Violent Crimes Department. However, Kim Sum thinks that with this evidence, he’ll only get fined for communication violations.

Mok-won then reveals that Yun-oh paid her a visit, and the serial killer is aware that they are all friends. With time running out, Mok-won reminds Kim Sum that if she doesn’t tell them everything about Yun-oh, they will lose.

Kim Sum finally confesses that she took all of her knives out of her house and gave them to Yun-oh. Mok-won hangs her head in shame, gathers her belongings, and leaves in disgust.

What happens to Yun-oh?

Yun-oh calls Kim Sum to confess that he killed people using her app, and if he had met her sooner, he would have been a different person.

The lovers meet and spend some time together. Yun-oh eventually leaves, and Kim Sum tells him that she wants to go to their hideout. When she doesn’t show up at the hideout the next day, he confesses on a video call that he really likes her.

Kim Sum slashes his face and stabs him in the neck while he is still on the phone.

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