Shuro: Delicious in Dungeon character explained

In Delicious in Dungeon, Shuro, a former member of Laios’ party, returns to the dungeon to search for Falin. He is voiced by Shinji Kawada and Mick Lauer.

Lord Toshiro, better known as Shuro, is an Eastern lord who came to the island with some people from his town. As Kabru recalls, Shuro always stood out among them.

Unlike others who come to the dungeon for its treasures, Shuro entered the dungeon to test his own strength; it was his training journey. He eventually ended up joining Laios’ party.

When Falin is eaten by the Red Dragon, Shuro and the rest of Laios’ party find themselves on the surface, thanks to Falin’s magic. 

While Laios, Marcille, and Chilchuck immediately return to the dungeon to rescue Falin, Shuro decides to leave the party and go his separate way.

Attempts to save Falin

Shuro’s reasons for leaving the party are not related to the party’s lack of money or fear of danger; he leaves it for Falin. 

While exploring the dungeon with Laios’ party, Shuro fell in love with Falin. Therefore, when Falin is eaten by the dragon, he decides to leave the party to save her.

Shuro believes Laios’s decision to return to the dungeon without proper preparation is rash. On the other hand, he decides to gather more people, supplies, and weapons before returning.

Laios has always been obedient and good, but for Falin’s sake, he makes a selfish request to his people, who are like family, and asks them to accompany him to the dungeon.

Shuro returns to the dungeon with a large party, which includes Maizuru, who loves Shuro and has been tasked with taking care of him by the head of Shuro’s family.

Shuro is so determined to save Falin that he refuses to waste time eating or sleeping, relentlessly searching for her. 

As a result of pushing himself too hard and ignoring his body’s needs, Shuro grows weak, but he still does not take his party’s advice to rest.

Eventually, Shuro’s party runs into Laios’ party. Laios, who still considers Shuro a friend, manages to do what Shuro’s party could not: get him to rest and eat.

Delicious in Dungeon Shuro
Laios convinces Shuro to rest

Shuro also takes the opportunity to apologize to Laios for leaving his party, but Laios does not hold it against him, considering they both chose different ways to save Falin.

As Laios knows Shuro to be a skilled fighter, he asks Shuro to lend him his strength to rescue Falin, who has been kidnapped. 

However, before Shuro agrees, Laios has to tell him about defeating the red dragon and how his party resurrected Falin.

While Shuro is pleasantly surprised to hear about Laios’ party killing the red dragon, he is enraged to hear about them using black magic to revive Falin. 

Those who use black magic are severely punished like criminals, but Laios trusts Shuro enough to tell him the truth.

Shuro greatly disapproves of the use of black magic to revive Falin, and when their parties are attacked by a transformed Falin, he becomes convinced that the Falin he once loved is no more.

After childishly fighting Laios, Shuro decides to leave the dungeon and go back home with the intention of never returning to the island.

However, before leaving, he gives Laios a bell to ring in case Laios’ party cannot return to the surface because of using black magic.

The bell will resonate with its twin. If Laios ever rings the bell, Shuro promises to send his people to help them flee to the east.

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