Shapesmith: Invincible season 2 character explained

Shapesmith is a Martian who takes on the disguise of a human superhero after stowing away during the Mars mission. The character is voiced by Ben Schwartz.

When Mark escorts the astronauts back from Mars, none of them realize that a member of their team, Russ Livingston, is actually a Martian in disguise.

The real Russ was taken over by one of the sequids and subsequently annihilated the Martian race. Meanwhile, “Russ” travels back to Earth and learns how to behave like a human.

Shapesmith: Invincible season 2 character explained 1
The real Russ helps the sequids defeat the Martians

When he isn’t contributing enough at NASA, he is given a leave of absence, and even his landlord tells him that she has to evict him unless he comes up with the rent soon.

Russ watches a series covering the death of the Guardians of the Globe and becomes enamored by the life of a superhero, especially the way a member of his species, Martian Man, helped society.

A part of the team

Russ takes on the disguise of a human superhero and calls himself the “Shapesmith” on account of his shapeshifting abilities. He helps the new Guardians take down the Lizard League and Immortal invites him to try out for the team.

Shapesmith still doesn’t fully grasp how humans normally behave but the others brush off his antics as simply quirky. He gets a place to stay in the Guardian’s headquarters and when they ask him more about himself, he gives the most generic explanation.

He says that he got his powers in a random industrial accident and then swore to use his abilities to help the people of Earth protect this planet.

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