General Kregg: Invincible season 2 character explained

General Kregg is a high-ranking member of the Viltrumite army who gives Mark an ultimatum after their attack on Thraxa. The character is voiced by Clancy Brown.

Mark almost defeats Thula after following his father’s advice about not holding back, but he still requires Nolan’s help after she gains the upper hand.

After Nolan is taken away by the Viltrumites, General Kregg stands before Mark to give him an ultimatum. He showcases typical Viltrumite arrogance and an air of superiority when he orders Mark to just listen to his words and not respond.

When Mark shoots back and insults the General, Kregg punches him to make a point and then continues delivering his message. He commends Mark’s efforts in the battle and says that he has proved his value to the Viltrumite Empire.

He states that Nolan will be executed and Mark will assume Nolan’s mission of preparing Earth for the arrival of the Viltrumites. He also warns Mark that if he doesn’t do what he’s told, it will lead to the death of millions of humans at the hands of the Viltrumites.

In the comics

General Kregg sports a cybernetic eye after losing his eye due to the Scourge Virus created by Thaedus and the Coalition of Planets. He faces off against Nolan, Mark, and the Coalition of Planets on multiple occasions.

General Kregg: Invincible season 2 character explained 1
General Kregg spent some time on Earth

However, he ultimately turns out to be a neutral ally after spending time on Earth and having a change of heart much like Nolan.

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