Sex Education season 3 summary and ending explained

Sex Education is comedy-drama series featuring a teenage boy, Otis Milburn, who is gifted with the talent of resolving queries related to sexual health. In the latest season, the new headteacher attempts to make Moordale Secondary and its students “focused and disciplined”. Sex Education season 3 was released on September 17, 2021, on Netflix.

The third season of the web series starts with the Moordale students going back to school after their summer break. The school’s reputation was in tatters due to the rumours about the outbreak of Chlamydia on the campus. The students are introduced to their new headteacher, Ms. Hope Haddon, and her dance moves impress everyone.

The students believe that she’s cool initially, but with time are proven wrong. Hope introduces strict rules and regulations, does not empathise with the genderqueer students, and is a preacher of abstinence. Her main goal is not the well-being of the students, but to restore the school’s public image as an institution of discipline.

The tension between Otis and Maeve is evident from their fallout last term. He is seen hanging out with the most popular girl in school, Ruby. While Otis wishes to pursue the fling further, Ruby clarifies that she is embarrassed to be seen with him in public. Adam is exploring his queer side and gradually comes out to those around him. Adam and Eric are also in a good place as far as their relationship is concerned.

Maeve’s mind is grappling with her fallout with Otis and her mother losing custody of Elsie due to her recurring drug habit. However, she is cozying up with her neighbour Isaac and focuses on getting into the ‘Gifted and Talented’ program in the United States of America.

Otis’ mother, Jean Milburn, tells Jakob that she’s pregnant and both of them decide to co-parent the child. Jakob and Ola move in with Jean and Otis, and the initial few days prove to be chaotic. Jakob is still unsure about his relationship with Jean, and the pair decides to go for couples’ therapy.

Sex Education Season 3 ending explained in detail:

Moordale Secondary’s Future

When the students witness the public humiliation of their fellow batchmates wherein they are made to wear placards highlighting their mistakes and how they are disgraceful, they decide to protest in the ‘open day’ event, which was attended by the school investors and the prospective students’ parents.

This leads to Hope resigning from the position of the headteacher. The students celebrate. However, as a result of their protest, the investors decide to pull out their money and sell the school.

This is particularly risky for the sixth-form students as they just had one term left before they graduate. Now, they are forced to look for educational alternatives.

What’s up with Otis and Maeve?

The end of season 3 saw Otis and Maeve finally coming together, but Maeve’s acceptance into the Gifted and Talented program in the U.S. proves to be a hurdle.

Initially, she had decided not to go due to the lack of funds, but her mother, Erin, gets her the money for the program by selling some of her belongings. Erin shows guilt for neglecting her daughter for all these years.

With the money in hand, Maeve accepts the offer and gets a flight for the next day. She visits Otis and mentions that she’d like to pursue this relationship after judging how things are when she returns from the program. Maeve is most likely to be gone for at least six months.

Is Jakob the real father?

Due to the strained relationship with Jean and her history of casual sex, Jakob had told her to get a paternity test to know if the child is really his. While the results await, Jakob develops a bond with Otis.

After the birth of the child, while Jean is alone in the hospital room, she is seen opening the results of the paternity test, and her expressions change to that of shock. That leaves the audience with the question of Jakob being the real father or not.

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