The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light summary and ending explained

In continuation to the conclusion of the anime series ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’, Netflix released the anime film ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light’, which follows the Sins after they defeated The Demon King.


After The Seven Deadly Sins overcame The Demon King and Arthur became the King of Chaos, a time of peace has arrived, with no Holy War brewing anymore.

Before getting married, Meliodas and Elizabeth decide to travel around the Kingdom of Liones. Meliodas laments how his relationship with his brother Zeldris has been ruined. Coincidentally, they find him and his lover Gelda nearby, who are also on a trip before Zeldris becomes Demon King.

However, their trip is cut short as they find an injured demon who tells them that the demon world has been attacked. The four head there to save it.

Meanwhile, King and Diane are getting married, joined by everybody except Meliodas, Elizabeth, Merlin, who’s with Arthur, and the late Escanor. 

As the four reach the demon world, they’re greeted by the long-lost second fairy king Dahlia and the master craftsman Dubs, who want to exact revenge on the Seven Deadly Sins for putting an end to the Holy War.

Dahlia surprises Zeldris with his physical strength, while Dubs reveals that Lostvayne was created by him and thus, it answers to him. Both Meliodas and Zeldris are taken down.

A horde of fairies and giants attacks the rest of the Sins after the wedding and King deduces that it’s the work of Dahlia, since he recognises the magic.

Zeldris, with the help of demons, rescues Meliodas from the world Dubs has captured him in. They have a rematch, but switch opponents.

Meliodas easily beats Dahlia, saying he doesn’t compare well to the monsters he has faced before, referring to the power of Escanor.

Zeldris also gets the better of Dubs, since his weapon is just a common sword and not created by the craftsman. The two perish.

But the Sins ponder whether they were really the mastermind, since both Dahlia and Dubs had no interest in the Holy War originally. Someone was definitely controlling them.

Archangel Male reaches the Sins in the human world and warns them of the imminent threat. The Supreme Deity is behind the whole attack.

Will The Seven Deadly Sins be able to defeat The Supreme Deity as well?

The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light ending explained in detail:

The Seven Deadly Sins v/s The Supreme Deity

The ruler of the Goddesses makes her first appearance in the entire franchise, hell-bent on exacting revenge on the Sins.

She uses God Thunder, which knocks out most of the fighters, including the Goddesses fighting under her command. The Sins barely survive, with King stating that if she uses the attack again, they’ll be in a dire situation.

She attempts to use it again, but is stopped as Ban goes on an assault. The battle continues, and they figure out that physical attacks don’t work on her similar to how magic attacks didn’t work on The Demon King.

The Supreme Deity nullifies even their magic attacks and uses God Thunder again. Ban is the only one standing, as his body has even survived Purgatory.

He absorbs her attack and uses it against her, but it doesn’t work. She readies a powerful attack to finish them off.

Enter Meliodas and Zeldris

The Supreme Deity unleashes the blast, but Meliodas arrives just in time and uses his Full Counter to reflect the attack onto the Goddess.

It’s also revealed that King gave Meliodas the wrong date of the wedding by mistake, and he thought it was next month, which is why he went on the trip with Elizabeth and missed it.

Meliodas and Zeldris take over the fight and use combo moves to attack The Supreme Deity. Elizabeth confronts her and berates her for never acting like a parent.

The Goddess retorts that the demons and goddesses are bound by eternal conflict and that the Holy War is essential for balance. But Meliodas reveals that he could peek into the thoughts of The Demon King when he took over his body, and it’s just a game for the two Gods.

This enrages The Supreme Deity, with Meliodas and Zeldris resuming their battle. She tells Meliodas that he would have been able to defeat her if hadn’t given up his power surpassing The Demon King.

Zeldris agrees to this, adding that they wouldn’t have to struggle like this if Meliodas kept that power, but he replies that he’s still happy that they can fight together now.

The two combine their strength and destroy The Supreme Deity, whose last words warn them of the upcoming “age of chaos”, pointing towards Arthur’s power.

Peace restored

Following the battle with The Supreme Deity, Meliodas and Elizabeth get married, and Meliodas takes up the position of the King of Liones. Hawks and his brother Wild also return from the purgatory in search of leftovers.

Meliodas and Zeldris finally have a conversation without angst. Zeldris is surprised that Meliodas declined the position of Demon King only to become the King of Humans instead.

When Meliodas asks Zeldris if he and Gelda will get married, he becomes embarrassed and says they do not have any intention to follow human customs. Nonetheless, Meliodas adds that he thinks she’s a good woman.

Zeldris asks Meliodas if he would want to visit the demon world, acting as if he needs his help to repair the castle and town, but actually wishing to meet his brother more frequently.

With this, he bids Meliodas goodbye. The two brothers have finally managed to mend their relationship and let go of the past.

In the end, the post-credits scene shows Merlin informing Arthur that the age of Gods is now over, ushering the new “Age of Chaos for humanity”.

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