Does Seo In-Ho end up with Seung-Hi in Doctor Cha?

Seo In-Ho has drifted apart from both of the women he has been unfairly treating for all these years by the time Doctor Cha concludes, but while his chapter with Jeong-Suk has finished, the one with Seung-Hi might still continue on.

Seo In-Ho cheated on his first love Choi Seung-Hi when a passionate time with Jeong-Suk led to the two conceiving a child. He’d go on to dump Seung-Hi and start a family with Jeong-Suk.

However, years later when he’d go to the U.S. for his medical residency training, he’d meet Seung-Hi again, and they’d come closer again, leading to the two conceiving of a child, who Seung-Hi would go on to keep.

From there starts In-Ho’s vicious and shameless affair with his ex while his wife remains oblivious to anything that transpires behind her back. However, when she does find out about it, she wants nothing else but to be away from him.

The breakup

When Jeong-Suk is all fed up with In-Ho after his affair is revealed to her, she asks for a divorce. However, Seo In-Ho has always been clingy and seen a pragmatic use for his wife to continue to be his wife, and his children’s mother, not to mention the caretaker of the house.

And yet, when she asks for a divorce, In-Ho sees all that vanishing away, and pathetically clings on to her, refusing to go through with the divorce. He amps up his frustrating quirks of his by deciding to end things with Seung-Hi to try and have Jeong-Suk back.

Seung-Hi is shattered at listening to the cowardly Seo In-Ho, who still won’t make a decision and not give the woman he’s cheated on her freedom, or the woman and daughter he’s improperly tended to finally some quality time.

Seung-Hi derides him for acting so cowardly although they don’t officially put into words that they’re calling it quits, they do confirm that things are over between them, at least for now, except for Eun-Seo, who In-Ho must look after and care for.

Eun-Seo’s request

Eun-Seo is met by Jeong-Suk before the latter’s second surgery. Jeong-Suk asks Eun-Seo to not hate her mother for all the grief that she has experienced of late, something she says has been a fault of the elders.

Eun-Seo later meets In-Ho and asks him about how things are between him and her mother.

Eun-Seo Doctor Cha finale
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He informs her that they’ve decided to split up cordially, but she requests him, quite sternly, that he doesn’t give up on Seung-Hi.

She says he can’t let her go and cling to her at least once even if it’s shameless. Meanwhile, Seung-Hi has improved vastly when it comes to vying for In-Ho and desperately wanting him by her side, showing much more independent flair with a healthier mind.

The hopeful epilogue

By the end of Doctor Cha, it seems that Seo In-Ho really did pay heed to Eun-Seo’s words and continued making efforts from his side to not let her go.

This is depicted by the fact that despite his new position as the director at Gusan University Hospital, and being a busy surgeon, he still accepts Seung-Hi’s requests to help her at her hospital.

So while it’s not stated if they are in a relationship again, it’s pretty much set in stone that Seo In-Ho has improved his ways and clings to Seung-Hi, helping and supporting her as best he can.

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