Senator Henshaw: Jack Ryan season 4 character explained

In Jack Ryan season 4, Senator Henshaw is part of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He puts pressure on Jack and Wright when the CIA shifts its focus to international matters. Derek Cecil plays Senator Henshaw.

In the fourth season, Senator Henshaw first appears during Jack’s confirmation hearings regarding the assassination of President Udoh of Nigeria and the involvement of CIA weaponry in it.

Senator Henshaw is surprised that Jack can’t prove that the CIA wasn’t involved in this and that there is no proof of outside interests controlling the organization.

Along with Henshaw, the senators believe that Jack could be part of the problem as well, considering the stunts he pulled during a mission within Russian borders.

Senator Henshaw puts pressure on Wright

Interim President Okoli of Nigeria invites Wright to Lagos. Along with Ekon Ameh, the Nigerian Warlord, he tasks Wright to hunt down the murderer of former President Udoh.

When Wright comes back to the United States, Henshaw meets with her personally. Henshaw points out that she is just another Jack Ryan, as she is not prioritizing the hearings.

Senator Henshaw: Jack Ryan season 4 character explained 1
Henshaw offers Wright some advice

The CIA involving itself more in international matters when they already have problems back home is something that bothers him and the other senators. Many of them are up for reelection, including him. Henshaw is happy that they lost Jack Ryan and advises Wright to stay out of it.

Senator Henshaw’s corruption

Ade Osoji, the Nigerian oil lobbyist, tells Wright to follow Henshaw’s advice without properly hearing it. In the finale of Jack Ryan season 4, when Jack’s team finds out that the bombs are on cars that are being carried by some trucks to the border, they look into the registration of the trucks.

They find the pre-load weight for one of the carriers missing. Every single vehicle carrier that crosses the border into the United States needs to be pre-registered, pre-weighed, and pre-approved.

The only way to expedite any kind of shipment into this country requires direct authorization from someone high above. Jack’s team finds a document with Henshaw’s signature that suggests he allowed these trucks to carry bombs inside the United States.

Jack shows the document during the hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He reveals that Ade Osoji offered large-scale donations to Senator Henshaw’s reelection campaign in exchange for the trucks to be let in.

After making this striking revelation, Jack leaves the hearings with his team, while Henshaw is left to answer all the questions. 

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