Sebastian: The Afterparty season 2 character explained

In The Afterparty season 2, Sebastian is Edgar’s childhood friend, business partner, and best man. Jack Whitehall plays Sebastian.

Sebastian is seen as a charming and handsome man by everyone at Edgar and Grace’s wedding. He is able to do what Aniq fails to do: impress Zoë’s family with his wits.

However, there was some animosity between Sebastian and Edgar that one could notice. Hannah’s side of the story suggests that Sebastian was not happy with the marriage either because he was losing a business partner.

Aniq realizes that the list of names Travis found in Edgar’s office is of potential business partners, which means Sebastian was being fired, and hence, he had a motive to kill.

While Aniq and Danner investigated, Sebastian carried out a number of business deals using Edgar’s voice. Soon, Aniq and Danner confront him and make him talk.

Sebastian’s past

Sebastian grew up in a trailer park in San Bernardino. He isn’t British; he just puts on a posh accent because it makes him look charming and intelligent.

Since he was a kid, he has been pulling jobs with his cousins, Jaxson and Judson. However, he soon realized that small jobs like this won’t get him anywhere.

Sebastian: The Afterparty season 2 character explained 1
Sebastian reveals he is not British

Therefore, he conned his way into a fancy boarding school, where he met Edgar, who not only figured out that he is faking his accent but also stole his Justin Tunder card that comes with a misprint by defeating him in a game of Connect Four.

Sebastian and Edgar became best friends. They grew up pulling small cons and, after college, launched a totally legal hedge fund and became successful businessmen.

Problems between Sebastian and Edgar

Sebastian and Edgar were doing great together, but the latter dragged them into crypto. Sebastian lacked faith in this idea of Edgar’s. He held back 20% of their capital. Edgar lost millions because of him, and that’s why Edgar chose to fire Sebastian.

Sebastian was still invited to the wedding to be Edgar’s best man. He had time to hand over the resignation until Monday. Sebastian used this time to take revenge on Edgar.

However, Sebastian didn’t intend to kill Edgar. He just tried to pull off another heist with his cousins, Jaxson and Judson, to steal his Justin Tunder card back.

The moment Sebastian opened the safe, where the card was, Edgar was notified. The two friends once again met in a Connect Four match. Sebastian lost again, but this time around, Edgar intended to only keep 20% of the card. So he cut some of it, kept it for himself, and gave the rest to Sebastian.

Sebastian played smart and replaced the original card with a new one without Edgar noticing. Sebastian confesses in front of Aniq and Danner that he didn’t kill Edgar; he only tried to take back something that held sentimental value.

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