Edgar: The Afterparty season 2 character explained

In The Afterparty season 2, Zoë’s sister, Grace, marries Edgar, a tech titan who is murdered on his wedding night. Zach Woods plays Edgar Minnows.

Edgar Minnows is a big name in the tech industry. He was Silicon Valley’s most eligible bachelor until he met Grace at her antique shop. Edgar was impressed by Grace’s love for antiques and how she understands the emotions behind them, which made him invite her to his adopted sister’s birthday party.

As time goes by, they start dating, Grace gets familiar with Edgar’s world, and soon they decide to marry. The day after the wedding, Grace attempts to wake Edgar up and finds him dead.

Edgar’s nature and his life

Edgar has a habit of over-analyzing and pointing awkward stuff out in the open. Sometimes he gets jokes way too late. He is also, at times, not comfortable doing something new, like dancing, in front of everyone. Edgar admits that he is a bit strange, but with Grace, he is always open to change.

Edgar also carries his pet lizard, Roxana, with him everywhere. He feeds Roxana everything that he eats. If Roxana doesn’t like someone or something, Edgar probably won’t like that either.

Edgar: The Afterparty season 2 character explained 1
Edgar tells Grace that she makes him want to change

Edgar runs his life according to a schedule. He looks forward to living a longer life, which is why he doesn’t compromise on certain rules he has for himself.

Edgar’s strict schedule often affects the time he spends with Grace, but he always makes up for it. Apart from that, Edgar is into crypto-currency. Before dying, he had some extraordinary plans related to biohacking.

While talking to Aniq and Danner, Grace reveals that Edgar planned to live until he was 140 years old and then upload his life source onto the cloud.

Edgar’s family and his relationship with Grace

Edgar’s family consists of his mother, Isabel, and his adopted sister, Hannah. While Hannah becomes Grace’s best friend in an instant, Isabel doesn’t share the same vibes. At times like these, Edgar stands up for Grace.

Grace is head over heels in love with Edgar. It’s Zoë who points out that Edgar isn’t adjusting his life the way Grace is. While Grace has quit working at her antique shop, Edgar is hardly willing to move away from his schedule.

It is later revealed that Edgar spent weeks away looking for Grace and Zoë’s favorite Uncle Ulysses. However, somewhere, Grace likes to think that he should have spent this time with her.

Edgar and Grace are complete opposites of each other. While she is into things of the past, he is the man of tomorrow who loves technology and is practical about his life. Grace ignores all of this after acknowledging that Edgar is willing to change for her.

In his vows, which he spoke without looking at his speech at Grace’s request, he admits that she makes him want to change. Hence, Grace never gives up on him. Their love story comes to an end when she finds Edgar dead in their bed the day after their wedding.

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