Scissor Seven season 4 summary and ending explained

Scissor Seven season 4 sees Seven gearing up to replenish his memories as more Shadow Assassins threaten his close ones while their leader is threatened himself.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Seven takes on Blackbird to save Thirteen and before his defeat, he thinks back on the secret history of the Flying Bird Sect, which is revealed through flashbacks.

Green Phoenix arrives at the Shadow Assassins’ headquarters and reveals his quest for vengeance against the leader, something he’s been brewing and planning long before he joined the assassins.

Meanwhile, Dai Bo rescues an unconscious Seven who’s now a target of multiple assassins. Later, Ordinary Assassin overcomes doubt and fears to defend the convenience store against an armed robber.

White Fox arrives on Chicken Island and calls Seven, threatening to destroy the island and the lives on it, should the Offal beef-selling assassin not heed his call for battle.

Huillan embarks on a journey to the Heaven Lily Sect to save Redtooth, where she and Quan met for the first time years ago. Flashbacks delve into their doomed love story.

Years after the fall of Heaven Lily Sect, Jiang reunites with her lover, who’s been possessed by a demon. They strike a deal, under which Redtooth goes to fight White Fox, who defeats Stan and roughs up the island folk.

Their battle seems to be conclusive before it gets cut off and the show revisits Green Phoenix’s battle, which also comes to a close, as does Phoenix killing the leader, before running away to save his disciple Thirteen.

He saves her but gets targeted himself. He fends off several assassins but gets considerably hurt himself. The leader approaches him with the intention of finishing him off, before Scissor Seven season 4 rolls the credits.

Earlier than that, though, Seven battles three kinds of poisons before getting ready to replenish his lost memories.

Scissor Seven season 4 ending explained in detail:

What is Green Phoenix’s plan?

Green Phoenix was the prince of Greencloud but his happy family and the entirety of Greencloud were killed by the Killers League leader.

He was the only survivor of this massacre and went on to join the Assassin Alliance to exact his revenge upon the leader. However, he never got the opportunity to take him on one-on-one, because the shadow assassins surrounded him all the time.

When he witnessed the battle between Redtooth and Seven, he came up with a plan. He used Seven’s trust in Thirteen when he came to Xuanwu.

He then planted the Dark Frost Blade toxin in Seven, causing him to rage and attract all the assassins’ attention.

This left the leader alone for a long time and gave way to Green Phoenix finally being able to enact his revenge. This revenge is what takes up the entirety of the finale of Scissor Seven season 4.

Does Green Phoenix die?

Green Phoenix reveals his identity to the leader before attacking him, but his prime servant, the Messenger is too quick and competent enough to be a formidable defense.

Green Phoenix manages to thwart the Messenger by creating a barrier around him and the leader.

The two engage in battle and Green Phoenix employs the knowledge he gained from his master, including the one about the leader’s weaknesses.

He scares the leader with his formidable skills but Messenger steps up as a great defense again, saving the leader from possible death. He destroys Messenger, who is a dense, formidable robot from Stan.

He runs off to save Thirteen, who’s poisoned by Manjusaka. He saves her and then reveals to her that he also used her to enact his long-awaited revenge against the leader.

He gives her his sword and tells her to learn the Greencloud Spring technique, which he doesn’t have the time left to teach her, but a certain someone in Northern Xuanwu can.

He leaves and encounters assassins who all are out to get him. Manjusaka, with the help of Stone Gate, manages to stab him but he also stabs her back and defeats Stone Gate, before falling to his knees.

The Killer League leader approaches him, ready to kill him, but the finishing move is never shown, as Scissor Seven season 4 ends, without ever revealing the fate of Green Phoenix.

Does Seven regain his memories?

Seven is about the regain his memories before Scissor Seven season 4 concludes. Before this point, though, he has to battle a steeply declining health after his battle with Blackbird.

The battle leaves him with poison that slowly kills him and even Akso can’t save him. However, Stan finds the old herbalist Shannong and kidnaps him to treat Seven.

Shannong is a far more capable doctor and reveals that Seven has three different poisons inside his body. The first layer is Love Poison, which was injected into him by Manjusaka. It’s non-lethal and wears off in a couple of days on its own.

The second layer is Dark Frost poison, which was Green Phoenix’s doing, as he wishes to use the poison’s effects, making Seven rage and attract other assassins’ attention so that he can go attack the leader.

The third layer is the long-lost toxin called the Drunken Dream, which affects the brain and causes amnesia, as a consequence of which the target loses their memories. Seven suggests removing the toxin so he can remember again.

The herbalist and Cheap Life Hua help him regain his memories by taking out the toxin. However, before he can fully regain his memories, Scissor Seven season 4 ends.

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