Sandro: Extraction 2 character explained

In Extraction 2, Sandro is the elder son of Ketevan, Mia’s sister. Sandro is brainwashed by the ideologies of his drug lord father and uncle. Andro Japaridze plays Sandro.

Sandro is the teenage son of Ketevan and her husband, Davit, a drug lord who practically runs the country of Georgia with his brother, Zurab.

Growing up, Sandro took a lot of inspiration from his father and uncle. When his father is keeping him, his mother, and his sister in prison with him, he hears his mother’s concerns, but at the same time, he feels his father is doing the right thing by keeping them there.

Sandro likes to think that his father is protecting them from rival gangs by putting them in prison with him. Sandro’s mother, on the other hand, worries that her kids will turn out to be like Davit and Zurab if they stay here any longer.

Sandro reveals that he doesn’t mind becoming like that. He feels he should be hardened by life here in order to become a Nagazi.

Sandro betrays his mother

When Sandro learns that his mother killed his father with Tyler to escape prison, he isn’t able to digest the truth. He continues to feel like a traitor, so when he gets a chance to contact his uncle, Zurab, he does and tells him about their location.

Sandro: Extraction 2 character explained 1
Sandro confronts Tyler

Sandro later confronts Tyler for killing his father. Tyler explains to him that he is defending the wrong person. Sandro says his father never left him like Tyler left his son.

Tyler reminds Sandro of how his mother has stayed with him and endured the pain Davit inflicted upon her for years just to raise Sandro and his sister right. Sandro comes to his senses, but it is too late. Zurab arrives at their location. At the last moment, Sandro chooses to go with Zurab.

Does Sandro die?

After getting inside Zurab’s car, Sandro learns that Zurab is not going to spare his family, something he didn’t expect. He then spends time with Zurab and sees how he and the Nagazi function.

Zurab attempts to mold Sandro. He uses him to get rid of Tyler. With a bomb tied around his body, Sandro is instructed to kill Tyler, who is in no position to attack with Zurab holding the remote to the bomb on Sandro.

Sandro isn’t able to muster up the courage to kill Tyler. Hence, Zurab takes matters into his own hands, but Nik arrives. Tyler and Nik manage to defeat Zurab and diffuse the bomb.

Mia later visits Tyler in prison to inform him that she has helped her sister crack a deal with the Americans. Ketevan and her family, including Sandro, are under witness protection. When Tyler learns that the Americans have seized their assets, he offers the money he has hidden in his cabin.

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