Russell Lawson: The Lincoln Lawyer character explained

Russell Lawson is a mysterious new client that hires Mickey Haller to take care of a pressing issue for him before revealing his true sinister motives. The character is portrayed by David Clayton Rogers.

After coming into the spotlight for his work on the Trevor Elliot case, Mickey Haller is approached by many people for his services, and one of them happens to be Russell Lawson.

Lorna informs Mickey that Russell was booked into county jail for attempted burglary and indecent exposure and that he paid in full to ensure he gets the best representation.

When Mickey goes to meet Russell, he sees an anxious man who mentions that he works in finance and cannot remember what exactly happened on the night the event occurred. He also asks for his inhaler that was taken from him, and Mickey offers to try and get it back.

Mickey gets to work on Russell’s case by finding out where he lives and ordering a tox screen to check if he was possibly drugged. He succeeds in raising enough doubts in the prosecution that they arrive at a legal settlement, and Russell is free.

Staying one step ahead

Following his release, Mickey is informed that Russell paid another five grand at his office to keep him on retainer in case he needed him again. Mickey then finds Russell waiting for him at his house with a completely different look.

Russell Lawson: The Lincoln Lawyer character explained 1
Russell Lawson was putting on an act for Mickey Haller

Russell has dropped the anxious act and is very confident and cocky as he reveals that he’s the real killer in the Menedez case. He taunts Mickey with the knowledge that what he just confessed is protected by privilege, and Mickey cannot turn him in.

Mickey goes to Legal Siegel for help and gets some useful advice on his options. Russell visits Mickey’s office to rub it in by bringing him a speeding ticket that needed to be taken care of.

Mickey handles it and leaves a folder for Russell to collect later but it is all a part of his plan. He uses the information that Glory Days had about a prominent criminal to get her under surveillance.

Then he keeps her documents out in the open for Russell to see and hopefully take the bait, which he does. Mickey finally meets Griggs and suggests that she needs protection in general.

Russell attacks Glory Days but is immediately apprehended by the authorities who were watching her place. He is arrested and Mickey gets out of a difficult situation without implicating himself at all.

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