The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 part 1 summary and ending explained

Season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer sees Mickey Haller see a windfall of new clients thanks to his newfound fame, but that also brings more complicated cases and publicity. Part 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

Mickey Haller has become a celebrity ever since the Trevor Elliot trial, and while he goes around doing interviews and photoshoots for various press outlets, Lorna is dealing with the rush of new clients that are coming in as a result.

She pleads with him to pay more attention to the work and not the fame, but Mickey remains his casual self, insisting that he’s got it all under control.

Things between him and Maggie are still frosty because of the Menendez trial, as she’s received a transfer and is constantly getting important cases taken off her hands.

One of the new clients that Mickey gets is Russell Lawson, a nervous man who works in finance and is accused of burglary and public indecency. When Mickey meets him in jail, Russell says that he doesn’t remember exactly what happened.

Mickey assures him that he’s got it covered and then attends to his other responsibilities. Griggs meets Mickey to inform him that they’re reopening the case against Jesus Menendez because they’re not happy with the way Mickey embarrassed the department.

Cisco continues to meet with Teddy and the Road Saints to pay off his debt but keeps it a secret from Lorna. Izzy tells Mickey that she and Ray are doing well but Mickey asks her to just be careful with her decisions.

Mickey meets Maggie at a popular restaurant but after she leaves, the head chef, Lisa Trammell, introduces herself and ends up sleeping with him. She shows up at his office the next day for legal help because she received a temporary restraining order against her.

The order was placed by Mitchell Bondurant, a real estate developer who has been buying up property in low-income neighborhoods and building high-rises in them.

Jesus’s case doesn’t seem to go according to plan when he doesn’t reveal that he did own a knife similar to the assumed murder weapon that he threw into the river.

The bombs continue to drop after Mickey gets Russell off without a serious charge in his case. Russell breaks into Mickey’s house to confront him and reveals that he’s the real killer that Glory Days mentioned in her witness statement.

He reminds Mickey that since he’s got him on retainer, everything they discuss comes under attorney-client privilege. Mickey sits down with Legal Siegel for advice about his predicament while not explicitly breaking privilege.

Siegel tells him that he needs to be on his toes and must try to get one step ahead of Russell. Mickey orchestrates the situation in such a way that Russell is picked up by the police and he ensures that he isn’t implicated in any way.

After putting out this fire, another one pops up as Lisa calls Mickey to tell him that she’s been arrested for Mitchell Bondurant’s murder.

Mickey agrees to take the case even though Lorna thinks it is a bad idea and he has to go up against, Andrea “Andy” Freeman, Maggie’s friend and a lawyer who has beaten Mickey a couple of times before.

Lorna finds out that Cisco has been meeting with the Road Saints and he tells her the truth about why he’s doing it. He owes his old friend, Kaz, who just got out of prison and is suspected of being a rat by Teddy. Cisco says he’s keeping an eye out for Kaz.

Mickey is contacted by one of his older clients, Terrell Coleman, whose daughter has gotten into some trouble. Through some clever strategy, he manages to get her punishment waived and out of the case with an added source of income.

Lisa’s case gets a lot of attention from the press so Mickey has her sign over a lien on her life rights so that he can negotiate with anyone who would like to adapt her story into a documentary or any other such media.

However, he has to contend with Henry Dahl, a pushy and ambitious podcaster who wants to release a podcast about Lisa and the Bondurant murder. Mickey tells him to back off but he doesn’t listen.

Andy keeps her cards close to her chest but Mickey knows that she’s got some major tricks up her sleeve so he comes up with a way for her to reveal them during the preliminary hearing itself.

Kaz admits that he’s a mole for the feds so Cisco tries to find a way that ensures the whole doesn’t blow back onto him and put Lorna or anyone else he cares about in danger.

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 part 1 ending explained in detail:

How does Cisco handle the Road Saints?

Kaz tells Cisco that the ATF is planning a raid on the bar where the Road Saints hang out because he informed them that there’s a huge shipment of weapons passing through.

Cisco helps Kaz go into hiding and says that he will deal with the issue. When the bar is raided, all they find are crates filled with toys because Cisco helps move the guns. He tells Teddy that he’s paid his debt in full and is done with them once and for all.

He and Lorna then meet Kaz and Lorna hands him a forged passport and ID and tells him that he needs to disappear and make sure that he never shows up in Cisco’s life again.

Finally, Cisco tells Mickey that he can start billing the Road Saints again because his debt is paid. He knows that Mickey had good intentions but it was still his debt to be paid and he took care of it.

What happens in Lisa’s case?

During the preliminary hearing, Mickey shreds through Andy’s primary witness who puts Lisa at the scene of the crime and the judge asks Andy if she’s got any other concrete evidence.

Throughout the trial, Mickey asks Lisa about her ex-husband Jeff because he could serve as a key character witness. Unfortunately, Jeff is in Mexico and when he contacts Mickey, he says that he doesn’t want to get involved in her drama.

Andy comes back from the recess with a forensic analyst as a witness that wasn’t initially on the list. Mickey protests but they fall on deaf ears as the prosecution reveals that they found Lisa’s gardening gloves with Bondurant’s blood on them.

Lisa insists that she doesn’t know how that blood got there but Mickey is too frustrated to think straight and has to get ready for the trial that is certainly happening now.

What about Henry Dahl?

Henry first shows up after paying Lisa’s bail and helps her get out of county jail. Mickey makes it very clear from the beginning that he doesn’t trust Henry but Henry reiterates that they’re on the same side.

He constantly gets on Mickey’s nerves but doing exactly what Mickey asks him not to until Mickey has no choice but to file and injunction and stop Henry’s podcast in its tracks.

When he sees that Henry has struck a lucrative deal for the podcast to be adpated into a series, Mickey loses his mind and unloads on Lorna on the phone.

He then goes to his Lincoln to look for the agreement he had Lisa sign but it’s not in her file. He is then confronted by two men who beat him up and leave him in a bloody mess in the parking lot.

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