Roy Kim’s biological family in Doctor Cha explained

The latest episode of Doctor Cha reveals who Roy Kimberley’s biological family is, as well as his response to finally meeting them.

Roy Kimberley is a handsome hunk of a doctor who is one of the main characters in Doctor Cha, serving as the prime love interest of the titular medical resident.

He’s got everything it seems, from looks to talents to loving parents back in America, who adopted him during childhood and raised him brilliantly. However, he does have a nagging feeling of something missing from his life, which is the knowledge of his biological family.

The adoptive family

Roy Kim was born to a Korean couple but was abandoned very soon. Later, he’d be adopted by a sweet couple in the U.S. who’d raise him with love and well enough that he’d go on to become a great surgeon.

In the earlier episodes, Kim is shown to be grateful to his adoptive parents, who he thinks he lucked out with, and who he really loves and keeps dear and near his heart.

However, he does wish to know about his biological parents, and now that he’s in Korea, he finally acts on his wishes, visiting the orphanage where he was at one point and inquiring about his parents, failing to make any breakthrough or learn anything at all.

The hunt for the blood family

Roy Kim’s next avenue for help is the police station, where he can submit his DNA, and if any of his biological family members would have submitted their DNA for a possible matchup in the future and reunion, he’d get to do just that with them.

When he asks the officer what chances there are for him to meet his blood relatives, the officer gives him a near hopeless answer, which is that for international adopted children, the chances are as low as 1%.

Roy Kim family Doctor Cha
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However, against all odds, Roy Kim ends up hearing good news, and receives a call from the station, informing him that there’s a match for the DNA he submitted and that he has a biological family consisting of a father, two older sisters, and an older brother.

Confronting reality & all it entails

Roy Kim takes Jeong-Suk with him to meet his blood family, due to the nervousness that overwhelms him before the fact. He meets his family who all gather in a room.

There’s a father, who’s gotten a drip attached to him, the eldest sister and the one younger to her, as well as a brother. The father says some positive things at first, claiming to have heard that Roy Kim grew up well and is a doctor now.

He shortly sours the positive words by talking ill of the mother that gave birth to Kim, saying that the only good thing she ever did was to die early and that if he was with her he’d have grown up dirt poor.

The eldest sister cuts him off to lay it straight in front of Roy Kim, telling him that they were able to find him because his father submitted the DNA too, but only in hopes of finding a donor to save him.

The old man is suffering from acute leukemia and needs Kim for a bone marrow transplant. This drains the color of Roy Kim’s face, who realizes that the only reason they ever wanted to find him was for their own profit.

Meanwhile, he could never find his mother, who passed away already, and by the sounds of what his father had to say, had a good reason for being unable to take care of her son due to her unfortunate circumstances.

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