Rosie: Hazbin Hotel character explained

Rosie is a powerful overlord in Hell who is approached for help in the upcoming fight. Leslie Kritzer voices the character.

After finalizing the deal and giving her the information he needs, Alastor takes Charlie to Cannibal Town for help.

He introduces her to Rosie, the overlord who controls all of the cannibals in Hell. They ask her if they can enlist her people in the fight against the angels.

Rosie: Hazbin Hotel character explained 1
Alastor calls in a favor with Rosie given their part affiliations

Rosie agrees to help but tells Charlie that she needs to win over the people herself. She gathers everyone and then asks Charlie to state her case, but Charlie feels nervous and fumbles.

A voice of reason

Rosie pulls Charlie aside and asks her why she feels so flustered. Charlie talks about the betrayal she felt from Vaggie.

After learning that Vaggie is an angel, she has been fighting her emotions and wonders why her partner didn’t trust her enough to share her truth.

Rosie asks Charlie to explain their dynamic and then lets her know that Vaggie may have made a mistake but it is clear that they still love each other.

She reminds Charlie that the hotel is meant to help souls redeem themselves, and Vaggie probably stayed with Charlie for her own shot at redemption.

With her doubts wiped away, Charlie approaches the cannibals with a fresh perspective and successfully convinces them to fight by her side.

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