Rosa: Sky High: The Series character explained

Rosa tries to find the person who killed her cousin, Estrella, but she ends up falling in love with the daughter of the person who was somewhat responsible for Estrella’s death. In Sky High: The Series, Alana La Hija del Jeque plays Rosa.

Estrella’s death left many questions unanswered. In the sequel, while Sole believes that Estrella was killed by the Chinese, Rosa, Estrella’s cousin, is not ready to accept easy answers. She leaves no stone unturned to find the killer and eventually succeeds.

Rosa and Sole’s partnership

After Estrella’s death, her belongings, including her phone, are handed over to her mother. Her mother dies soon after, leaving the belongings to Rosa, who was very close to Estrella; the two girls told each other everything about their lives.

Rosa cannot guess Estrella’s password and access her phone, so she ends up calling Sole with it. She does not speak when Sole answers, but she starts following Sole after that, even though she had promised her mother not to get mixed up with gangs like Estrella did.

When Sole comes to know that Rosa is Estrella’s cousin, she pays her a visit. After meeting Sole, Rosa realizes that Sole had no reason to kill Estrella. In fact, she wants to find the killer just as much as she does.

A few days later, Sole shares the recorded phone call of Mercedes with her. Mercedes wanted to get back at Angel for using her, so she deliberately talked about his plan to rob the Chinese on the phone, knowing that it was being tapped by the police.

From that day, Sole becomes an ally; Rosa cannot rely on anyone, but she can truthfully share her plans with Sole. Rosa then starts following Mercedes in the hopes of finding something that would lead her to the killer.

Rosa and Marta’s relationship

Rosa catches Mercedes bribing a public official and tells Sole about it. Rosa also tells her that Mercedes records these meetings and stores them in thumb drives, which they assume should be in a safe at her house.

Sole refuses to take any drastic measures immediately, as she needs Mercedes’ help, so Rosa takes matters into her own hands. She needs to find a way to get into Mercedes’ house and figure out the location of the safe.

She goes to deliver pizza to Mercedes’ house, where she meets her daughter, Marta. A friend of Marta’s later tells her that they had seen Rosa outside Marta’s college, but Rosa denies this when Marta questions her about it.

As Marta seems to be attracted to her, Rosa follows her to a nightclub and makes it look like a coincidence. Rosa sleeps with her, and the two start meeting frequently after that. When Rosa is at Marta’s house, she finds the hidden safe and takes pictures of it.

Rosa also gets to meet Mercedes, who immediately gets suspicious of her, and she is not entirely wrong. However, Rosa’s relationship with Marta becomes more than just about finding the evidence to implicate Mercedes.

Rosa talks to her about her mother and how she cannot tell her about her sexuality because she is a traditional woman and might not understand. She also tells her about Estrella but does not reveal that Estrella is dead.

When Sole’s gang breaks into Mercedes’ house, Rosa sneaks out to help Fernan, who has been shot. She also gets to see the contents of the safe that the gang stole; she finds DNA tests and a picture of Mercedes with Rogelio.

Sky High The Series Rosa
Rosa finds the documents and the picture that were kept in Mercedes’ safe

She meets Marta again after the incident, and this time, Marta knows that Rosa has not been honest with her. Rosa finally tells her everything about Estrella’s death and Mercedes’ involvement.

She also informs her that she found DNA tests that could help them figure out the identity of her father, but she does not give Marta Rogelio’s name until she is certain. She steals a cup used by Rogelio and gives it to Marta to get his DNA.

As Marta comes to realize that her mother has been lying to her for years, Rosa is there for her, proving that she reciprocates Marta’s feelings. She allows Marta to stay with her when she leaves her mother and even tells her about Sole, who is Marta’s half-sister.

Does Rosa find Estrella’s killer?

When Rosa goes to tell Sole about Marta, she sees Chico, Ángel’s pet dog, there. Among Estrella’s belongings, she finds a picture of her with Chico and uses the dog’s name as a password to get access to Estrella’s phone, and it works.

She then comes across a video of Estrella’s death, which clearly shows the face of the killer. She sends the video to Sole and tries contacting her, but to no avail. She cannot wait anymore and decides to go to the police.

At the police station, she sees the man who killed her cousin, and it is none other than the chief of police. A scared Rosa runs out of the station without meeting him, but she leaves her ID behind, which means Ferrán knows who Rosa is and that she is aware of the crime he has committed.

Marta and Sole advise Rosa to wait for Sole to return, but Rosa runs to her mother’s house because her mother’s address is on her ID. Her mother is fine, and Rosa’s friend gives her a gun to protect herself if something happens.

On her way back, Ferrán, who has been following her, deliberately hits Rosa’s bike with his car, but she manages to escape. He catches up to her and almost kills her, but Rogelio comes to her rescue in time.

Sky High The Series Rosa
Rosa shoots Ferrán

When Ferrán is about to kill Rogelio, Rosa has no choice but to shoot him and kill him. Rosa is terrified of what she has done. When Marta comes looking for Rosa, the couple flees the scene as soon as possible.

However, Rosa has killed the chief of police, and she might not get away with it easily. Additionally, Rosa might also have to deal with the emotional trauma of killing someone in the next season.

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