Marta: Sky High: The Series character explained

In Sky High: The Series, Rosa has an ulterior motive for getting close to Marta, Mercedes’ daughter, but in the process, Marta ends up discovering her own life’s biggest secret. Marta is played by Carmen Sánchez in the show.

Rosa is in search of the person who killed her cousin, Estrella. She initially suspects Sole, but when she meets her, she realizes that Sole had no reason to kill Estrella, as she wanted her to run away with Ángel.

Sole tells Rosa about Mercedes being somewhat responsible for Estrella’s death, which leads to Rosa following Mercedes and finding out about her illegal dealings with the judicial officials. To get proof of these dealings, Rosa decides to get closer to her daughter, Marta.

Rosa and Marta’s relationship

Rosa works as a delivery agent. She meets Marta for the first time when she goes to deliver pizza to her house, and it is clear from the very beginning that Marta is interested in Rosa.

Rosa then watches Marta go to a club with her friends and follows her inside. She seeks her out and dances with her. Marta recognizes Rosa, and the two women spend the night together. The couple starts meeting frequently after that.

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While Rosa is spending time with Marta at her house and Marta is in the shower, Rosa snoops around and finds the secret safe that contains the proof of those illegal dealings. She takes a picture of the safe and shares it with Sole.

Mercedes once comes home to find the two of them together. Rosa gets uncomfortable and leaves immediately, but Mercedes continues to be suspicious of Rosa. When she catches Rosa carrying out a delivery nearby, she asks Marta to stay away from her.

However, Marta does not want to stop seeing Rosa, as she is falling in love with her. When Mercedes does not give her an adequate reason, she thinks her mother does not want her to be with a person from a lower class.

While Marta tells Rosa everything about her life, including the fact that her father is a hippie who lives in Thailand, Rosa is not entirely honest with her; she does not tell her that Estrella is dead.

Marta even asks her about the first time Rosa saw her; Marta’s friend told her that Rosa saw her at her university first, and then they met when she came to deliver the pizza, but Rosa denies this. Rosa, however, is truthful about not coming out to her family yet.

When the two women are together, Sole’s gang breaks into Mercedes’s house, but they do not hear anything. When the police show up at Marta’s house, Rosa leaves without telling her and aids an injured Fernan in escaping.

Who is Marta’s father?

After the break-in, Mercedes, who has been anxious since the incident, keeps asking Marta questions about it. Marta understands that there is more to the story than she knows, so she meets Rosa again.

Sky High The Series Marta
Rosa tells Marta about Mercedes’ involvement

She deduces that Rosa knew the men who broke into her house, and Rosa confirms this. She finally tells her everything, but Marta believes that her mother would never lie to her and that she cannot kill a person.

Rosa then tells her that the gang found documents, including DNA tests, that could reveal the identity of Marta’s father. Rosa guesses who her father is but refuses to give her a name until she knows for sure.

Rosa then brings a cup used by Rogelio, as she thinks he could be Marta’s father, for a DNA test. The test comes back positive with a very high percentage, which means that Marta’s father is Rogelio and not a hippie in Thailand.

Do Rogelio and Sole find out about Marta?

Rosa also tells Marta about Sole, her half-sister. Marta goes to Sole’s store to see her but does not tell her what she has discovered. Feeling betrayed about being lied to by her mother for years, she leaves Mercedes and comes to live with Rosa.

Sky High The Series Marta
Marta visits Sole’s store

Mercedes speaks to Marta on the phone and tells her that she fell in love with Rogelio, even though he was already married. She never told him about Marta because she was scared that he might ask her to get an abortion or even force her to do it.

She cries and apologizes to Marta and tells her that Rogelio is a very dangerous man. Marta needs some time to come to terms with these revelations.

Rosa also tells Sole that she has a half-sister. Sole remarks to her father about having another family member related to Mercedes, but it confuses him as he does not know about Marta being his daughter.

Later, Sole tells the Colombians about Mercedes’s involvement with the police. She then asks Mercedes to show her a picture of Marta. When Mercedes realizes that Sole knows that Marta is her half-sister, she wants Sole and Rogelio to stay away from Marta.

Sole, for Marta’s sake, warns Mercedes that the Colombians are waiting to kill her in her room, as she does not want Marta to know that her sister killed her mother. She even saves Mercedes’s life after that.

When Rosa is attacked by Ferrán and Rogelio comes to her rescue, Rosa ends up shooting Ferrán. Marta hears the gunshot and arrives at the scene. She meets her father for the first time, and it seems like even Rogelio suspects something.

Marta does not tell him anything and leaves with Rosa. If the show gets another season, Marta will become the cause of Rogelio’s changing family dynamic. However, it is to be seen whether Rogelio will accept her or not.

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