Riches ending explained: Who stole the money from Flair & Glory?

Riches follows Stephen Richards’ children from two marriages as they fight for the claim over his multi-million dollar cosmetics company. The series is now streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Stephen Richards, the owner of Flair & Glory, a multi-million dollar cosmetics company, contacts Nina, his daughter from his first marriage, after years.

The call doesn’t end on a good note, with Nina not wanting to hear a word from her father, who had abandoned them and chosen Claudia over their mother.

Hours after the call, Stephen collapses in his office, and his family soon receives the news of his demise.

Though Nina and her brother, Simon, are not very much interested in their father’s funeral, they visit upon an invitation and make it in time to attend the reading of their father’s will.

Stephen left a number of things for his colleagues and his family, but when it came to his shares in Flair & Glory, he left all of them in the names of Nina and Simon.

The will shocked Claudia and her kids, who were left with nothing from the company. Claudia promised that they would take back what is rightfully theirs.

Nina made herself familiar with the company as the new CEO, but at the same time, she had a hard time dealing with her stepfamily.

She soon started realizing that the company is on the verge of falling apart. The last time she talked to her father, he claimed that someone is trying to hurt the company and him.

Nina investigated the workings of this business and discovered that a total of £20 million is missing from the company. Amidst all of this, Claudia orchestrated a plan to overthrow Nina. She managed to get the shareholders to vote Nina out.

One of the leads for the missing money led Nina to Zurich, Switzerland, where she came across some documents suggesting that her father was investigating Claudia.

Stephen carried out DNA tests on all of his children, and it turns out that Wanda isn’t his biological daughter. Nina used this against Claudia to regain her position at Flair & Glory.

After settling down at the company again, Nina continued to look into where the missing money is with the help of their lawyer, Gideon. The lawyer brought proofs and explanations that pointed everything toward André, who had replaced Gideon.

Nina wasted no time in bringing in the cops and having André arrested. She secretly got him out later on and revealed that all of this was a ploy to make sure that the real culprit doesn’t run away.

Riches ending explained in detail:

Who is the thief?

Nina brings André home, where he meets Simon and Davina, an employee of Flair & Glory. Nina reveals that the thief who stole £20 million is Gideon.

She and Simon felt suspicious when they observed that somehow Claudia and André were always a step ahead of them, despite the fact that Gideon, who was always on Nina’s side, is more experienced.

Davina confirmed that Gideon kept control of certain client accounts. Furthermore, he opened new accounts under André’s name to pin it all on him. Nina clarified that all of this is just speculation, and they may have to dig more.

Does Gideon give up?

The speculation that Gideon is the thief brings the fighting families together. André investigates and comes across a company called OEM Holdings.

This company was connected to another company that was receiving money from Flair & Glory. Every time money went missing from Flair & Glory, OEM Holdings bought some land for itself.

Nina and André realized that Gideon is running OEM Holdings in the name of his dead son, Oliver Ethan Martin. He is laundering money stolen from Flair & Glory.

Nina and André wondered if they should go to the Fraud Squad or confront Gideon themselves. Nina chose the latter, as all she wanted was her money back.

They questioned Gideon upfront about OEM Holdings and stated that they are quite close to taking him down. Gideon gave this all a thought and decided to pay back the money he stole little by little.

If that wasn’t enough, for the rest of his life, Gideon will be carrying the pressure of Nina and André bringing cops on him whenever they want with the paperwork they have. He will not be living his life in peace.

What other secrets are buried deep?

Though the Richards family came together in the end, believing that mysteries around their company have come to an end, there was a lot more they didn’t know.

For starters, Wanda is yet to find out that she is not the biological daughter of Stephen. At this point, only Claudia, Nina, and Alesha know this.

Alesha found out about it when she discovered adoption papers for Wanda inside the same safe where she, Gus, and Wanda came across insurance papers for them.

Apart from that, Gideon visited Claudia at night when the rest of the family was celebrating its victory over him. Gideon revealed that Stephen’s death wasn’t natural or ordinary, and Claudia helped him die.

He claimed that he has proof and that he will soon come for Claudia.

Lastly, Nina reminisced about the words her father used in his will. She told Simon about the earlier drafts of his will. She discovered those during her visit to Zurich.

This earlier version talked about a sixth child. The show reveals that this sixth child no one knows about is Stephen and his secretary Maureen’s son, Finn.

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