Rhonda: Mayor of Kingstown season 2 character explained

In Mayor of Kingstown season 2, when Mike loses Bunny while the prisoners are being shifted, Bunny’s cousin, Rhonda, shows up at his office, demanding to see Mike directly. Nona Parker Johnson plays Rhonda.

Bunny warned Mike about prisoners being shifted from the Tent City, but Mike continued to struggle with the papers he needed to let the gang leaders go.

Eventually, the entire Tent City gets cleared out. All the inmates are transferred to other prisons, including Bunny. The families of the inmates show up at Mike’s office to find out where their loved ones are.

Rebecca tries to calm everyone down and instructs them to sit and wait. A woman named Rhonda cuts through the line and demands to see Mike, stating that she doesn’t wait because she is Bunny’s cousin.

What does Bunny’s absence mean for Rhonda?

Upon meeting Rhonda, Mike assures her that he hasn’t lost Bunny; her cousin is somewhere in the system. Rhonda sees through Mike’s lies and figures out that he doesn’t know where her cousin is, nor where Raphael is.

Rhonda says she has heard about Mike, the white savior, and she doesn’t believe he is doing any good. All she knows now is that her shop is going to get hit if Bunny is missing.

Nobody is looking after the neighborhood. She warns Mike to get Bunny out, because if he doesn’t, trouble may come knocking at his door too. All Mike could do at that moment was promise her that he will find Bunny and get him out.

Rhonda: Mayor of Kingstown season 2 character explained 1
Mike gives Rhonda his number and promises to get Bunny out

Rhonda runs a salon named Salon S.C. in Kingstown. Mike later drops by Rhonda’s shop to see if everything is alright. Mike tells Rhonda that he is keeping his one promise by looking after her shop and plans to keep the other one too, which is getting Bunny out.

After hearing that, Rhonda expresses that showing up at the shop and actually looking after her are two different things. She still doesn’t think Mike is doing anything for her or for Bunny.

Mike replies to Rhonda, telling her that she doesn’t know him. He clarifies that when he says he wants something done, he gets things done.

What’s next for Rhonda?

So far, Mayor of Kingstown hasn’t dived deep into Rhonda’s story. From what the viewers can see, she has been through a lot and suffered a lot, but has still managed to stand up for herself.

When Mike says that he is looking after her, she criticizes him, assuming that he hasn’t been through the things she has. Once Mike assures her that he will get things done, she wonders why her cousin trusts him so much.

Mike has no answer for that, and when she asks why he trusts Bunny, Mike leaves after telling her that he would visit again later.

In the seventh episode of Mayor of Kingstown season 2, it is hinted that Rhonda has started trusting Mike and has developed a bit of a liking for him.

Mike stops a fight on the street between a small group of the Aryan Brotherhood and the Crips. One of the Crips’ members gives Rhonda’s message to Mike. She wants him to come by and keep a check on her shop.

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