Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 7 recap & review: Drones

In the seventh episode of Mayor of Kingstown season 2, Bunny and Raph receive an upgrade at the prison while the trial against Robert and his team closes in. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+.


The Aryan Brotherhood, also known as the AB, has leveled up its drug business inside the prison. A drone is sending the package that they need. Mike arrives at the prison kennels to meet Bunny.

Bunny demands to get them out now that the path is clear. Everyone inside the prison is tired of broken promises. On his way out of the prison, Carney assures Mike that Davidson has told the guards to loosen their grip on the gangs.

Mike wonders if Carney is, by any chance, working with the AB. Carney clarifies that he equally hates every other person inside that prison, no matter what their race is.

While driving through the town, Mike sees two gangs coming for each other. He drives his car between them and reminds the AB gang that they are in the wrong neighborhood. The AB gang turns around and walks back.

The members of the other gang, the Crips, then tell Mike that Rhonda has asked him to keep a check on her.

Kyle meets Captain Heard, who is hoping that Kyle has his story straight before talking to the IA. Kyle defends Robert and his team, claiming that they were heroes who came to their rescue during the riot.

Kyle questions why they are on trial because the inmates were the ones causing havoc at the prison. According to Captain Heard, the IA is probably looking for a body—someone they can blame for what happened so that they can tell the world that when there is a crime, there is a punishment.

Back at the prison, Bunny and Raphael’s cells have been cleared. Carney takes them elsewhere. He brings them to a more comfortable room, where they also have a kitchen to cook in. Upon inquiring, Carney reveals that Mike has gotten them this upgrade.

Mike visits Evelyn, who is equally blaming Mike for the death of DA Lockett. Mike explains how Lockett basically asked for this by going back on his word. He put a target on his back.

Mike asks Evelyn to forget this and do the right thing by signing the treaty and letting the gang leaders go.

Mike, Kyle, and Ian regroup at the bar. Kyle tells them that Captain Heard wants them to give details to the IA and make sure that their stories are in sync.

Robert walks in and reveals who has turned on them. The rat’s name is Ben Morrisey. Mike instructs them not to talk to Morrisey. He will do that himself.

While Kyle heads back home and gets into an argument with Tracy, Ian continues to sit down with Charlie, who helped him find a body.

Back at the prison, Raph cooks a nice meal. Bunny and Raph soon hear the sound of bees. It’s actually the AB’s drone that is here to drop off the package of drugs.

Bunny pounds on the door, demanding to talk to Mike. Outside the prison, Mike spots the person controlling the drone. He attacks him and holds him at gunpoint.

Mike picks up the call this person is receiving. It’s Gunner on the other side. Mike warns him not to use drones or ask for favors from his AB guards. He orders him to earn the way everyone inside does, or he will make sure that he rots inside.

Meanwhile, Kyle spots Iris at a bar. Iris runs back to hide, and Kyle calls Mike on his phone, which is at the office. He leaves him a message, informing him that he has found Iris.


  • The previous episode of Mayor of Kingstown has pumped up things for what is to come. The seventh episode is moving more towards developments.
  • The gang leaders are still not out, but yes, with DA Lockett dead, a complicated situation has been created. The path seems so clear for Mike, yet so difficult with Evelyn believing that he had a hand in Lockett’s death.
  • The AB carrying out drug deals serves as a minor arc in this episode, which is only to keep the AB in check. The show hasn’t moved away from portraying another day in prison.
  • Lastly, Milo’s arc continues to stay in the background, and Kyle spotting Iris gives the viewers some hope that he will get some screen time toward the finale.
Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 7
Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 7 recap & review: Drones 1

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