Rex Galier: Choose Love character explained

Rex Galier is a British rock star and one of the potential suitors that Cami can choose to end up with through the course of the film. Avan Jogia plays the role of Rex.

Rex Galier is recording at the studio where Cami works when she comes in one day but her pleas to work with him fall on deaf ears with her boss.

After some very frank thoughts about his music are exchanged in the break area, Rex asks Cami to work with him and clears it with her boss as well. She gives her input on his song and is not afraid to give him the truth.

They exchange contacts and Rex calls Cami later that night because he wants her to be the harmony on his track and would like to record it before he heads to San Francisco.

She invites him over to her studio at home.

Following her dream

They have a lot of fun during their recording session and she even has a brief conversation with his mother on the phone. Rex invites Cami to San Francisco with him to perform with his band over the weekend.

Rex Galier: Choose Love character explained 1
Cami gets a chance to perform with Rex Galier

After choosing Rex in the dream sequence, Cami travels with him on his private jet. They play truth or dare and talk about more intimate things.

Rex gets a call saying that the gig in San Francisco is canceled and he now has to perform for a small party in Las Vegas. He gives Cami the option of singing with him or just watching the performance.

After the performance, Rex tells Cami how he truly feels about her, and she has the choice to travel the world with him or not. If you choose yes, then Cami finds herself in Paris with him but if you choose no, she tells him that she wants to be his producer and work with him.

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