How to get each ending in Choose Love?

Choose Love is Netflix’s first interactive rom-com where viewers get to decide which one of her suitors Cami Conway ends up with.

At the film’s beginning, Cami is already dating Paul, a divorce lawyer she has been with for three years. Cami later runs into her first love, Jack Menna, and British rock star Rex Galier.

Several early choices don’t have a significant bearing on the story apart from the minor dialogue changes. The first real choice comes when Cami has to choose between recording with Rex, or going to Jack’s gallery show.

However, this still doesn’t close off any of the endings and the real decisions start off when Cami has a dream sequence following an escape room where she tells Paul that she isn’t ready to commit to him just yet.

Viewers can choose endings where Cami ends up with each of the three and an ending where she decides to stay single as well.

Endings with Paul

There are two variations of the ending with Paul that can be achieved. First is if you choose him at the end of the dream sequence. After going to work and securing a raise or quitting, Cami will go to Paul’s house and tell him that she wants to be with him, after which he proposes.

There is also the opportunity to pick Paul even after choosing Rex or Jack in the dream sequence. While getting ready for her performance with Rex in Las Vegas, Cami has the option to call Paul from her room.

If you pick the “call” option, Paul will be in attendance for the show and then propose before a wedding ceremony in Vegas where Rex is one of the witnesses.

If Jack is the choice during the dream sequence, Paul shows up while Cami is protesting with Jack in Vegas. He gives his pitch and the viewer gets another choice between Jack and Paul.

When you pick Paul, the same Vegas wedding plays through with Rex as the witness.

Endings with Rex

When Rex is chosen after the dream sequence, Cami travels with him on his private jet to San Francisco. However, that plan is canceled and they head to Vegas instead where Cami has the option to sing with Rex or just watch his performance.

She will also have the option to invite Paul as mentioned or go with Jack since the protest is happening at the same hotel. After the performance, Rex bears his heart out to Cami, and if she says yes, the two of them end up in Paris.

If she says no, she and Rex remain friends as Cami chooses to become his producer instead and pursue her career in music.

Endings with Jack

When Cami chooses Jack at the end of the dream sequence, the two of them go on a road trip to Vegas after he invites her to the protest. They reminisce about their past and have many touching moments.

She still has the option to go with Paul or Rex at different points but if the viewer sticks with Jack, then he admits that he has always been in love with her and they end up together.

Similarly, while Cami is out with Rex, she has the option to leave him and go with Rex which leads to the same ending.

Ending for Cami

Specifically in the choice of Jack after the dream sequence, Paul shows up while Jack and Cami are protesting, and she has the choice between Paul or “Jack?”.

If the viewer chooses the latter, they get another choice to go with Jack or decide to take some time for themselves. With the second option, Cami thanks Jack for helping her realize that she wasn’t ready to commit to Paul but she isn’t ready to move on to Jack either.

She then goes into the casino and sits down at one of the slot machines. The psychic from the beginning of the film is sitting two chairs beside her and she says that this choice is exciting because no one knows how it ends.

She then appears to be heading towards a jackpot on the machine and it ends right before the final face lands.

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