Restoration Daemon: My Daemon character explained

The Restoration Daemon, also known as Kiriko, is an extremely dangerous daemon in My Daemon. He becomes a threat when he decides to use his ability to annihilate humankind.

My Daemon‘s story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humans fear and despise daemons, creatures with mysterious powers. They use electric collars to subjugate daemons and treat them with cruelty. 

While other daemons cannot talk like humans, there is a daemon, the Restoration Daemon, who can speak human languages. When he gets sick of humans abusing daemons and using their powers, he goes to extreme lengths to change the world.

Extraordinary abilities

There are rumors about the existence of a daemon that can reverse time. Kento has been looking for this daemon to bring his mother back to life. When Kento and Anna reach Hakata, a boy, Kiriko, allows them to stay at his house.

Kento is surprised to see that Kiriko is not scared of Anna. It is then revealed that Kiriko is a daemon, not a human. A year ago, he witnessed a car accident that killed a boy named Kiriko. The Restoration Daemon entered the body of the boy and started living among humans as Kiriko. 

He is a daemon like no other because he can talk like humans. He believes that he is a mutant, and that is why he is the only one of his kind with the ability to communicate with humans. 

The daemon that Kento has been looking for turns out to be the Restoration Daemon. He cannot reverse time, but he can restore any object to its original state. He promises Kento that he will at least try to revive his mother by restoring her body.

My Daemon Restoration Daemon
The Restoration Daemon tries to bring Kento’s mother back to life

The Restoration Daemon’s ability also gives him an advantage in fights. All he has to do is throw shards of any weapon at his opponents and restore them to their original state to pierce his opponents.

A better world for daemons

The Restoration Daemon has been observing human society for a year now. He wishes to find a way to end the oppression of daemons, and he succeeds, even though his solution is not the best one.

The daemon aims to bring back the most powerful daemon to ever exist — Pandaemonium. Years ago, Pandaemonium destroyed cities and took millions of lives. It was so strong that nuclear weapons had to be used to kill it.

Now, there is only a claw left of the giant daemon. The Restoration Daemon is going to use that claw to restore Pandaemonium’s body, take possession of it, and kill all humans. This way, he will be able to create a world where daemons will be free.

However, he needs Anna’s help to get Pandaemonium’s claw, which is stored in a glass that the Restoration Daemon cannot break on his own. To convince Kento, the Restoration Daemon even restores Kento’s mother’s body and possesses it.

By torturing Kento, the Restoration Daemon gets Anna to do his bidding. He even kills Kento for a few minutes to trigger Anna’s transformation. Everything goes according to his plan, and he gets Anna to break the glass. 

My Daemon Restoration Daemon
The Restoration Daemon revives and controls Pandaemonium

The Restoration Daemon brings back Pandaemonium and wreaks havoc. Kento tries to change his mind, but, unlike Kento, the Restoration Daemon does not think that humans and daemons can coexist peacefully.

The government is left with no choice but to attack it with nuclear missiles. Anna absorbs everything and everyone in her vicinity. In the storage space inside her, the Restoration Daemon’s powers are restricted, and Anna is able to kill him.

Before dying, the Restoration Daemon decides to place his trust in Kento’s vision of the new world. He also asks Kento to bury Kiriko’s student ID. It is unknown whether the Restoration Daemon is dead or not because Kento catches a glimpse of him in a crowd sometime after his presumed death.

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