Anna’s ability in My Daemon explained

In My Daemon, Anna, Kento’s daemon, has the ability to store things. It seems like a harmless ability, but Kento soon discovers how dangerous it can be.

The daemons in My Daemon are known to have different kinds of powers. Anna, the daemon Kento has raised, has a powerful and unique ability. Anna can store things inside her, regardless of how big or small they are.

The storage space inside Anna is a place where things are not affected by the passage of time. After Kento’s mother dies protecting him, Kento makes Anna store his mother’s body inside her to prevent it from decomposing.

Kento and Anna then set out to find the daemon that reverses time. They wish to make that daemon bring Kento’s mother back to life. On their way, they are targeted by several daemon users who want to capture Anna.

The mysterious disappearance of an island

A company, known as the Peace Organization, conducts research on daemons and becomes interested in Anna. When a nun reports Kento for keeping a daemon without a permit, the chairman of the Peace Organization comes to know about Anna’s ability and places a bounty on her head.

The chairman does not care whether Anna lives or dies; he just wants to study her. Years ago, a storage daemon like Anna made Seori Island disappear by storing the island and its people inside itself.

The chairman’s daughter was on that island, and he has been trying to find a way to get her back for years now. He finally gets a chance to find his daughter when he comes to know that Anna is a storage daemon. Studying Anna will allow him to find the lost island.

Anna’s powers

Like the other storage daemon that made the whole island disappear, Anna can also store anything and everything. She stores various materials inside her and uses them to fight the daemon users who attack Kento.

The true extent of Anna’s ability is revealed when Kento gets hurt. Seeing Kento injured distresses Anna, who then transforms into a big daemon. She is then able to bring out several things from the storage space inside her in different places at the same time.

My Daemon Anna's ability
Anna undergoes a transformation

After transforming, Anna defeats a giant spider daemon all by herself. This form even allows her to break daemon-resistant glasses in the headquarters of the Peace Organization and even the hard-to-break glass that stores Pandaemonium’s claw.

When the Restoration Daemon attacks and tries to annihilate humankind, the government is forced to use nuclear missiles, knowing that the use of nuclear missiles will also kill humans in that area.

To save innocent lives, Anna absorbs everything in her vicinity, including Kento, his friends, the Restoration Daemon, and the missiles. The Restoration Daemon’s powers are restricted in the storage space inside Anna. This storage space is like no other.

In there, Anna creates a shield that prevents the Restoration Daemon from hurting her friends. She then uses the missiles to kill the Restoration Daemon. The fight takes a toll on Anna, who disappears after sending her friends out of the storage space.

Before leaving the space inside Anna, Kaede spots Seori Island and realizes that all storage daemons share the same storage space. If Anna returns, Kaede and the chairman will be able to bring back the island and all the people who disappeared with it.

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